Ali Larter Does a Bang Up Job

Ali Larter
Here is the always ever so gorgeous Ali Larter looking stunning at the Cinema Society and MCM screening of ‘Obsessed’ at the School of Visual Arts in New York City. We haven’t seen too much of Ali lately, but when we do, does she ever impress. Ali does a bang up job in the movie playing a temp that takes a liking to a co-worker, which is all well and good. If said co-worker isn’t married to someone as fabulous as Sharon, a character played by Beyonce. Ali Larter the obsessed type? Never in real life, but she certainly did a good job making the point in this film. And when she appeared on the red carpet for the premiere in this particular get up, she certainly proved that she was a force to be reckoned with. Ali Larter and her infamous bangs are one look that will never change, and that is of no surprise to us. Why? Ali’s bangs are almost signature to her personal look right now, so why should she consider changing something that isn’t broken?

If you are looking for a switch to your look, but don’t want to take too many bold steps, follow in the likes of signature face framing statements like Ali, and yes, even Beyonce. Keep in mind that blunt bangs are a thing of the past, instead go for longer fringe bangs that are cut mildly uneven. This uneven look is a little bit lighter on the face frame than the former trend of blunt bangs that would weigh a face down.

Ask your stylist to cut just below your eyebrows as this makes for a versatile look where you can even pull those sexy bangs back and make them disappear if you like. Once they are cut, if you want to go for an everyday banged out look, clamp a flat iron at the base, and bend them into a slight curve. Comb through them once you have done that to avoid the “mall” look, and squeeze a pinch of pomade on the ends at either side to frame your face beautifully.

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Photograph: ©Darla Khazei,**

Cate Blanchett Rocks the Red Carpet

Cate Blanchett

Cate Blanchett

Cate Blanchett is seen here attending the premiere of ‘The Curious Case of Benjamin Button’ in Sydney, Australia. And Cate may not look like she has been uber styled, but she looks glamorous as ever. Cate has gone with a very simple hairstyle for this event, and is wearing her generally fine and straight hair down for the evening in a look that requires little maintenance or styling.

The key to this look is once again in the cut, and with fine hair you want to go for a cut that has enough texture to give your hair the illusion of body and movement. Volume is not necessary here as with the right cut you can finish with a look that is simple, but as you can see with Cate, very sleek and sexy. With a textured and layered cut, you can enjoy minimal styling, as if the cut is done right, you can simply wash, blow dry and go.

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