Embody the Grace and Elegance That Is Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway Hair Styles

Here is a woman whose beauty is just so ethereal and natural, you can’t help but love her. And anyone that knows anything about Anne Hathaway knows that she has the personality and the charm to pair with her gracious elegance. After her fiancé was carted two years ago by the FBI on numerous embezzlement charges, the Anne we saw smiled her way through it. And here she is looking stunning as ever and giving us even more reasons to love her as she arrives for a screening of her new film “Love and Other Drugs” at the Director’s Guild Theater in New York City this week. And it seems that no matter what she is wearing, contemporary or classic, this is a girl that looks stunning with an Old Hollywood glamour beauty that is a fail safe with her. Simply gorgeous.

This hairstyle is not as quick as some others, but you can get this voluminous hair very easily, though give yourself some extra time here. To get this look, use texturizing shampoo and conditioner, followed with volumizing mousse but on your ends only. Then you will want to blow dry with a round bristle brush. Blow dry your hair about 95%, and when it is still slightly damp, you can set the ends of your hair in large sized Velcro rollers to create this wonderful volume that Anne has here, without the look of curls. Let your rollers set for about 30 minutes, and then blast some heat on them to finish the drying and lock in that volume. When your hair has cooled from this blast, take the rollers out and brush out your hair with your soft bristle brush. The end result? A lovely voluptuous mane with just enough wave and volume to look sexy, but not too much that you are over the top.

Photograph: © Darla Khazei, PacificCoastNews.com

Kirsten Dunst Remains as Awkward as Ever

Kirsten Dunst Pictures
It isn’t often that the word pretty or beautiful comes up in conversation with the name Kirsten Dunst, in fact “awkward” always seems more appropriate, but I have to say, she does it to herself. Here she is seen attending the screening of her directoral debut “Between teh Lines” during the 2010 Tribeca Film Festival at Village East Cinema. And I have to say, the one thing about Kirsten Dunst is that even on the red carpet she can never really pull off the glam that well. She is posing somewhat uncomfortably here, and I even wonder if she has had some work done, her face looks….different, no? But this is all well and good because as far as I am concerned she has certainly had worse days. This Mary Poppins style frock is one thing, but the new platinum locks and beauty routine are at least throwing her a few points. This hairstyle is not the worst she has had, and though her hair may be a little too fine for the wavy look, it is a relatively easy and sexy look to accomplish. The key to gorgeous waves is in the volume, so that is the first thing you never want to forget, even if you are working with fine hair like Kirsten is here.

To get this look, start off by scrunching some pomade or volumizing mousse into your hair. Blow dry with a round bristle brush, or you can wind sections around your hair if you prefer. This winding effect will make your waves a little more swingy than usual. You can use a curling iron to set stronger waves once you have done this, but instead of clamping the iron onto your hair, wind the hair section around the barrel of the curling iron. This way the ends won’t curl as tight, and they will stick out just enough to give you this pretty tousled look. After you have finished curling, shake your hair out and finger comb it as you go through the day, and you will have long luscious waves lasting all day, and into the night.

Michelle Williams Dazzles the Crowd on Premiere Night

Michelle Williams Hairstyles

Ever since the death of the late and amazing Heath Ledger, we have not seen much of this girl, mom to his precious daughter Michelle Williams. And for about a year or so after his death, we saw this girl walking the streets of New York with nothing but grief and pain in her eyes. But Michelle is proving here that despite his death, life does go on, and she’s been given more than enough reason to smile again, and here we see her at the premiere of “Shutter Island” at the Ziegfield Theater in New York City looking like her old self. Dressed in a killer dress and showing off her mega watt smile, Michelle Williams has the light back in her eyes again, and it’s certainly been a long time coming. But you don’t need to have natural Manhattan style looks to look as great as she does, because this look is much more effortless than you may think. Yes, not only does this look effortless, but this look IS effortless to achieve with a quick and simple ponytail twist.

You want to start off with clean shiny hair like Michelle has here, and use some texturizing shampoo and conditioner that will hold the look. Then, Michelle has simply pulled back her hair in a sexy ponytail, and not fussed too much about flyaways or concise neatness as this is a bun that is tres chic by being tres minimal. Take your ponytail and twist it into a low bun at the back of your neck, and secure with a few bobby pins. You don’t want to fuss too much with product either here, as this clean and mussy look is the one you are going for. Michelle proves here that if you want to go super cas as well, you can do so, and do so however you like and have a sexy, chic, and elegant look you can take all day or all night. With the bangs you can sweep to the side and pin behind your ear, or like Michelle just use a curling iron and add some wave to them. No muss no fuss, and anything but sleek and slicked back. This is a look that is as relaxed and sexy as you are…go for it!

Photograph: © Darla Khazei, PacificCoastNews.com

Drew Barrymore Puts the Sexy On

Drew Barrymore Hairstyles

Drew Barrymore is one girl whose style you just can’t refuse, as she looks super fabby whether she is grunged out with jeans and plaid, or stepping out onto the red carpet in a fabulous dress. And fabulous it was, as Drew attended the AFI FEST 2009 screening of “Everybody’s Fine” held at the Grauman’s Chinese Theater in Hollywood, California. She was seen wearing a smashing purple dress vis a vis Victoria Beckham, and pinned her hair back in a casual ponytail that looked anything but. And this just proves just how relaxed Drew’s style is, even when she’s rocking a killer gown on the red carpet. Yes, ponytails ARE big right now, whether it is a formal night out, or a rocking Saturday morning in. This just goes to show once again that yes, you can get away with second day hair without drawing too much attention to yourself, and if you WANT to draw attention to yourself, you only need a smashing designer dress to boot.

To get this look, take a fine tooth comb and create a sleek part on the side. Dampen your soft bristle brush as you pull this ponytail back, and let it sit nice and low on the back of your neck like Drew has here. Once you are done that, you only need to sweep your bangs off to the side like Drew has done, and pin them just above your ear with a pretty jewelled pin, or with a bobby pin the same shade as your hair. So when you are gearing up for party mode, go ahead and spend more time having fun since you won’t have to spend too much time on your hair. Even if you arrive a few minutes late looking THIS hot, you will be surprised at the positive reaction.

Photo: Darla Khazei, PacificCoastNews.com

Tory Spelling Hits the Scary Skinny List

Tori Spelling
Tori Spelling is seen here reminding us of those 90210 days way back in the ‘90’s when eating disorders were cool in Hollywood. And it seems that she has forgotten that they are not cool anymore, and she has whittled down to a dress size that must be making some doctors across America cringe. At any rate, size minus zero or no, she is still looking quite stunning as she appeared for the Red Dress Collection catwalk show. The event is one that raises money for the heart foundation, and Tori went with a very simple yet elegant cocktail piece and a sleek low ponytail to pair. This just goes to show that yes, you can get away with second day hair without drawing too much attention to yourself, and if you WANT to draw attention to yourself, you only need a smashing red dress to boot.

To get this look, take a fine tooth comb and create a sleek part on the side. Dampen your soft bristle brush as you pull this ponytail back, and let it sit nice and low on the back of your neck like Tori has here. And even though Tori is on a weight watch list, you can still pull off a scary skinny figure with a chic ponytail if you do it right. If you pull off the right look like Tori has here and choose simple pieces that are casual, but fitted to your size and complement your figure, you can get away with the ponytail. Doing just that will ensure that if you are getting looks from the office crowd, they are the kind of looks you want. Go ahead and sleep in a little since you won’t have to worry about your hair. Even if you arrive a few minutes late looking THIS hot, you may be surprised at the positive reaction.

Darla Khazei, PacificCoastNews.com