Paris Hilton Jumps Back in the Saddle

Paris Hilton Haircuts
Ah yes, for some people it just doesn’t take all that long to bounce back from stalker like ex-girlfriend to new girlfriend in a jiffy. Paris Hilton is not one girl that is free from reputation smears, but her most recent post-breakup actions from Benji Madden didn’t exactly make her look like an heiress in the making, did it? Here she is though showing Benji, and anyone else that cares, that she has moved on and is happy again. Yes, the world can breath a collective sigh of relief knowing that Paris is back in the saddle, and this time she is hooking up with the cutie pie Doug Reinhardt as they vacation together in Hawaii. Paris looks pretty as usual in a gorgeous strapless maxi-dress and has pinned her hair back in an elegant coif that is both casual and sexy at the same time.

This look is very easy to accomplish, and Paris is proving that you don’t need long luscious locks for a gorgeous quickie updo. Start off with your bangs and here you will create the infamous Hollywood bump. Lift your bangs with one comb, and then with another backcomb them just a little bit so that you can get that nice little lift. Take t his section and twist it just a bit and pin at the top of your crown for an elegant lift to your bangs in the front. The rest of the hair you can simply comb back with a fine tooth comb for a sleek and elegant back ponytail or updo. [Read more...]

Paris Gets Snubbed!

Paris Hilton Long Blonde Hairstyle

Paris Hilton Long Blonde Hairstyle

Oh yes, we all love to hear the stories about the Golden Globes. And as exciting it is to see who is wearing who and who is arriving with whom, it is even more exciting to hear about all the juicy little things that happen behind the scenes at the Golden Globes. Of course everyone talks about the red carpet sound bites and the immaculately styled starlets, but the dramas that go beyond the media screens is the juice we are really all after, isn’t it? Of course! So when we got wind that Paris Hilton received a big fat snub during this year’s GG’s, we got very excited. Here she was spotted perhaps doing some retail therapy as she shopped Barney’s New York in Beverly Hills. Since when does Paris shop at Barney’s, anyway? I didn’t realize Barney’s was showcasing a bubble skirt collection these days.

At any rate, Paris Hilton is one that we love to mock and tease, as does the rest of the world, she’s such an easy target. But when she gets the royal A list snub, we move from mocking and teasing to downright laugh out loud hysteria. It sounds like there was a little after party for the GG’s that Paris was not only excluded from attending, but actually booted physically from the event. But she must have fallen softly I am thinking because it seems that she’s been booted from so many establishments and events that I am beginning to wonder if there is an international ‘Do Not Invite’ list of organizations and companies that have Paris’s name as numero uno. The party that Paris got the boot from THIS time was the Creative Artist Agency’s post Globes bash, and was overseen by the CAA super guy Kevin Huvane. Paris was not on the invite list, and musta used her ‘it got lost in the mail’ excuse to squeeze her anorexic frame in, but when Kevin got wind of her being there, he demanded that she be escorted as far from the Sunset Towers as was physically possible.

Kevin was outraged at her sense of entitlement, and he was adamant that she be removed. He was storming around, yelling ‘Who let her in? She is not invited, and somebody had better get her out of here immediately!

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