6 Must Know Beauty Secrets for Women

For most women, the common assumption is that they already have all the essential knowledge on how to treat their skin, nails and hair. But in light of recent breakthroughs and findings in scientific research, some of this information may be erroneous or outdated. Or perhaps there is only knowledge, and no execution. With this in mind, here are some tips to help you out when it comes to beauty secrets:

1. Choose your facial cleanser very carefully. Your choice of facial cleanser is critical as it should never be too harsh or contain too many chemicals. You need to choose a cleanser that is both gentle and effective at dissolving dirt and excess oil on your face without stretching or drying your skin out in the process. Check out the label of the facial cleanser and choose one that is absent of detergents, irritants, fragrances, alcohols and anything else that causes blocking of the pores. Keep in mind that natural products do not necessarily make the grade. Lemon, cinnamon, essential oils, and mint may irritate the skin. [Read more...]

The Colorful Katy Perry

Katy Perry New Hairstyle Color 2012

Katy Perry New Hairstyle Color 2012

Katy has a way of pushing the limits and this bold blue hue is nothing short of that! Several months ago she traded her brunette locks in for a pastel pink style and she is always changing things up! What do you think about this color? A do or a don’t?

What color do you think that she will try next? See more below Katy Colors Below! [Read more...]

Kendra Wilkinson Fun / Funky Hairstyle

The Los Angeles premiere of “The Watch” had stars walking the red carpet in style. Everyone showed up looking their very best wearing beautiful attire and gorgeous hair and makeup looks. Kendra Wilkinson showed up with a fun and funky hairstyle and sexy, sultry makeup. Her hair was half up and she wore an understated lipstick with her bold eye look.

The hairstyle seen on Kendra at this premiere would definitely look best on someone with layers or a side swept bang. All you have to do is pull one side of your hair back while slicking it into place with pomade. Leave one side down and pull the rest back into a ponytail and create a bun by loosely pinning it into place. Use a hairspray all over your entire hairdo to keep everything in place. See the back view of her hairstyle…

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Ashlee Simpson Short Blonde Hairstyle

We love this style, Ashlee Simpson is looking great in 2012, what do you think?
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Wavy Hair – All the rage in 2012

Wavy Hair is becoming all the rage! How can you copy this look?
There are many ways to achieve different wavy styles but for a sleek wavy style like the one Amanda is wearing it is easiest to use a waving iron. Crimping irons used to be the popular tool but there is a modern twist on the crimping iron! You can purchase a “waving iron” or “undulating iron” from department stores or from your hair salon. Undulating irons cost around $30.
You simply part sections of your hair and clamp the waving iron starting near your scalp. Hold the iron to create the wave. Release and lower the iron to repeat until all of your hair is wavy!