Blonde is Back – Change your Hairstyle up for Spring 2012!

Rihanna Blonde Hairstyles 2012

Rihanna Blonde Hairstyle 2012

Blonde is back in a big way. After a wave of brunettes came onto the scene, stars seem to be lightening up their act. Last year, many high profile figures went back to their roots and started experimenting with dark tresses. Now, it seems as though the trend has passed as celebrities and fans alike seem to be rushing into their stylists to lighten their locks.

During the fall and winter months, Ombre Hair Coloring was seen everywhere. This trend allowed people to try out a lighter shade while still keeping a warm tone up top to even out pale winter skin. Since the new year has wrung in, celebrities seem to be ditching warmer golden hues for bold ash and platinum shades of blonde.

Katy Perry just recently changed her hair from black to an orange shade to pink and now she has settled on a platinum blonde bob which really makes her skin glow. She debuted her brand new tresses while hosting Saturday Night Live in New York. Another celeb who recently brightened her hair hue is Scarlett Johansson. She had a reddish tint in her hair for a movie role but premiered a lighter ashy blonde while promoting her new film We Bought a Zoo on the Today show.

If you are considering taking the plunge and going for a blonde hairstyle, then follow these guidelines to ensure healthy beautiful strands. Gradually take your color hair down a few shades at a time rather than going platinum all at once. This not only prevents your hair from getting extremely damaged but it also gives you the opportunity to make sure you actually like a lighter color on yourself. You may find that a medium shade of blonde suits you better than a light one.

Also, make sure you use color-protecting, deep conditioning treatments at least once a week when going blonde. This will help minimize damage and it will also help keep your color fresh. When you lighten you are hair, you are essentially creating tons of holes in your hair shafts to remove the dark pigment, which creates a great deal of damage. To repair hair , apply a clear shine chemical treatment to fill in the shaft. Make sure you are not over washing your hair or using excessive amounts of heat.

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Halle Berry Beautiful as Always

Halle Berry Short Hairstyle 2011

Halle Berry Short Hairstyle 2011

Halle Berry, Age 44, looks great as usual with her famous short pixie hairstyle loosely spiked with a few small bangs curled over the top of her forehead. This hairstyle has texture and flare but looks chic on this starlett.

Halle Berry is attending the 18th Annual EIF Revlon Run/Walk For Women at Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum at Exposition Park.

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Lily Allen Gets Sleek and Chic

Lily Allen Hairstyle

Since her minor breakdown over the past few years following a torrid breakup and a miscarriage, Lily Allen has had more than a few glamorous days. But in the last few months we have watched her pick herself up and dust herself off beautifully and as she focuses on her career, the Lily glam is coming back slowly but surely. Here she is spotted in all her newly pregnant glory while she enjoys some boutique shopping in Paris in skyscraper heels, and it looks like her infamous pixie bob has made a comeback. This is one look that I have always loved on Lily, and out of all of her looks I think this one suits her the most.

You can get this look first by getting the right cut, so ask your stylist for longer length in the back and at your sides, but get some volume pumped into the top with shaggy layers cut into your crown. To style then, you can use some styling wax on towel dried hair, and blow dry your hair with a round bristle brush. This look is sleek, so you aren’t going to worry too much about volume here. When your hair is dried, spritz some antihumectant spray on your locks, and then run the flat iron over your entire head, bending the ends only slightly for some face framing style. By using the flat iron, you will lock in the antihumectant so your hair stays straight and sleek all day long, and it also adds some extra shine to that gorgeous style. For some extra shine for a night out, you can spritz on some glossing serum for a shiny, sexy finish that will instantly glam up any night on the town.

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Courtney Cox On Set

Courtney Cox Photos

Courtney Cox may be a girl that gets a lot of flack for having mommy thighs or mussed up hair, but let’s not forget that she is a mom in her 40’s, and I gotta say, if we could all be so lucky, no? Here she is seen looking pretty darn good for a “Cougar” while on the set of her hit TV show “Cougar Town” riding a bike. And if you didn’t know it was Courtney Cox (as if, but let’s just say) and you weren’t too close, my guess is that you wouldn’t be pegging this chick on the bike as a 40 something mom, would you? So let’s give her a little credit, and some recognition for the fact that you don’t have to look glamorously styled to look…well…glamorous.

For her look on set, Courtney went for a simple look in a simple sundress and pink sweater over her beachwear for her beach scene on set. She went with simple with her hair piled up and little concern for muss and fuss and even so, she still looks fabulous with her hair pulled back in a quick ponytail and piled on top of her head. This just goes to show that yes, you can get away with second day hair without drawing too much attention to yourself. This look is obviously not one that you need to style or maintain, it’s a simple matter of effortlessly pinning your hair up and out of your way when you are ready to break a sweat or head to the beach. If you are hanging out in the outdoors like Courtney here, you also want to be sure to run some anti humectants through your hair to protect your hair from the sun’s exposure, and to minimize any drying out from outdoor elements. Post beach day, you definitely want to lose the second day hair, and wash and go as you normally would for your day.

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Lindsay Lohan Back to Black

Lindsay Lohan Photos

Here is our favourite bad girl of Hollywood enjoying a night on the town in Los Angeles, California looking gorgeous as always, but it’s so easy for her because no matter what style her hair is sporting, she always looks great because she’s just naturally gorgeous. Here she is also showing off her inner fashionista in an elegant grey wool jacket while making her way through the paparazzi craziness outside Madeo restaurant. Yes, good hair and good style are two good things in her life, even if the rest of it is in chaos, which just goes to show, if you look great, does the rest really matter? For Lilo, no, and I have to say that once again, regardless of her new color, I love the new look. It also looks like Lindsay, despite her warm temps in L.A. has followed this season’s hair trend by taking her shade to an extreme color with dramatically darker locks. Lilo’s normally who knows what colored locks have gone from previously blonde to uber black. Here she has also straightened her normally luscious waves into a sleek look that is both chic and glamorous.

To get this look, use texturizing shampoo and conditioner in the shower, particularly if straightening your hair can be a bit of a challenge in warmer and more humid temperatures. Use straightening serum on towel dried hair, and blow dry your hair with a flat bristle brush. You don’t want lift at the crown or roots here, as sleek and bone straight is your ultimate goal. After your hair is dried, run a flat iron over your hair to smooth away any bend, and amp up the sleek factor. After your first run with the flat iron, spritz on some glossing serum to add some extra shine, and then run the flat iron through it again to lock in your super shine. Create a sleek side part, and you’ve got yourself a straight look that will last through the night no matter how hard you are rocking the night away.

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