Selena Gomez Long Hairstyle with Ombre Hair Coloring

Selena Gomez Long Hairstyle

The red carpet at the Teen Choice Awards was filled with celebrity superstars. They all looked fabulous in their designer duds and perfect hair and makeup looks. Selena Gomez really wowed the crowd in a pink dress, smoky eyes, and a long sleek hairstyle. You can easily recreate Selena’s fresh-faced summery look by following these simple tips.

One of the most appealing things about Selena’s look is her trendy ombre hair color. The key to perfecting this color is making sure that you don’t make your ends too brassy. Tell your stylist that you want a caramel color at the ends to avoid getting orangey tones in your hair. Wear you ombre shade in a sleek, straight style like Selena’s and add a shine serum for a beautiful shiny finish.

For a more subtle smoky eye, try not to extend the shadow up above the crease of your eye. This will make your eyes look dark and sultry without looking too dramatic. Remember to always wear a paler lip color when you are adding a lot of dark shadow to your eyes. This is going to prevent your makeup from looking too dramatic and overdone.

Selena’s look is great for summer and it is definitely something that would work perfectly at the beach or by the pool because you can easily take a shower and head out for the night with the same makeup on. If you use waterproof makeup you would only need minimal touchups prior to going out to dinner.

Photo Source: Andrew Evans / PR Photos

Preparing for Spring 2013 Hairstyles

It is typical that most people decide to go darker with their hair color in the winter and blonder in the summer. When should you begin your transition for summer? The beginning of April is a good time to begin adding some highlights throughout your hair so that by the time summer is here you have gradually transitioned into the perfect lighter shade!

It is also a good time because many people are planning Spring Break vacations starting in April and adding some natural sun into your hair will also help your hair transition into a lighter shade easier! Check out Jennifer’s beautiful highlights! Her stylist wove small sections to create very thin, natural looking highlights!

Also something to keep in mind is later in summer it is time to begin adding some lowlights in with your highlights so that you don’t end up 100% blonde! Many people like to have the dimension of highlights without being completely blonde and lowlights are the way to maintain that dimension!