Olivia Palermo Otto Fashion Label Catalog Photocall in Hamburg on March 5, 2013Braided Hairstyles

Braids are always in fashion, clean hair, dirt hair, need to get it cut hair-all of it can be so much more beautiful with a braid or two. Check out these tutorials and increase your chances of becoming a braid guru.

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Braids can be dressed up or down, and they have been so versatile that many people are starting to rock them at school and professional weddings. They have been all over local proms and weddings. Braids keep hair clean, and when you take them out it’s naturally wavy-you always win with braids.

French Braid Hairstyles

Olivia Palermo Otto Fashion Label Catalog Photocall in Hamburg on March 5, 2013Away! / PR Photos

How to get the style?

  1. First in order to start with the french braid you have to brush out your hair.
  2. Then take it and separate a two inch section of hair form your hairline back to the crown.
  3. Then use your fingers to divide the piece into three sections and cross the strand in your right hand over the one on the middle.
  4. Once that’s done ensure that the right strand should now be in the middle and then cross that over the middle strand.
  5. The middle is now the left strand.
  6. After this you want to keep you hair tight and pull the sections away from each other so that they do not get mixed up.
  7. Use your right index finder to part you hair and move it from you hairline back to the center of you head to make a new strand.
  8. Once you have done this incorporate the section into the right area and then cross it over to what is now the middle area.
  9. Hold the hair in your right hand and use your right hand to separate that hair like we did earlier and hold it tightly to incorporate it into the original area. The cross over area will then be the middle section.
  10. The next section of your hair will be right below your right ear and then that section of hair will be available.
  11. Secure all of your hair with an elastic piece and spray with hairspray.


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