From Frizzy to Silky Smooth

Selena Gomez Long HairstyleFew people have silky smooth hair without doing much to it.

If you have unruly hair that will frizz there are several things that you can do to alleviate this issue.

It is important to use a smoothing shampoo and conditioner like Joico’s new Smooth Cure. These products have specific ingredients that can fight the frizz before you leave the shower. Don’t hesitate to leave a little bit of conditioner in your ends, the more moisture the better.

Once you are out of the shower and towel dry your hair apply a protective smoother like Redken’s Smooth Down Heat Glide.

When blow drying, stop every 5 minutes and comb or brush your hair before continuing.

Once completely dry straighten your hair in a few sections. Begin at the scalp and straighten small pieces in necessary depending on how coarse your hair is. Finish with a medium hold hairspray.

Once your hair is completely straight enjoy your smooth locks for days! That’s right days, a lot of people with dry, frizzy hair do not need to shampoo everyday.You can try every other day or even every 3 days for some!

Ariana Grande Red Hairstyle

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19th Annual Camp Ronald McDonald for Good Times Halloween Carnival


Top Tips for Emma Stone’s Side Swept Fringe

A major trend for season spring/summer 2013 is with no doubt the side swept fringe. This time Emma Stone with a glamorous hairstyle announced this year’s Academy Award nominees and attracted all eyes on her. The blondie showed as an amazing hairstyle with a retro vibe that is unforgettable!

85th Annual Academy Awards Nominations Announcement

Emiley Schweich / PR Photos

Emma seems to love hairstyles with bangs and this is something that everyone can realize. Her long , grown-out side fringe is a fringe that does not contain too much risk so it is ideal for you that you need a change but do not want to sacrifice your hair’s length.

Tip: sweeping fringes are a major trend for the new season that especially tucked or pinned behind the ear or swept into low-slung ponies as seen in Chloe, Valentino, Topshop Unique and Marni will steal your heart! Even if you are not interested in cutting your bangs you may trim your front hair and create a side swept fringe that you will fall in love with!

Tip: sweeping fringes are perfect for almost hairstyles and face shape and haircut so there is no need to worry if it will suit you. Besides in the case that you have a wide forehead you may easily hide it and be absolutely trendy with the hottest trend of the season!

3 Reasons To Get A New Haircut

Maybe it has been a while since you last saw your hair looking smoking hot! And why is that? It’s time for a new haircut!

"Horrible Bosses" Los Angeles Premiere - Arrivals

David Gabber / PR Photos

You need change: Whether you have just broke up with your boyfriend or you are just so bored of your hairstyle and you need something different then all you have to do is have a new haircut!

If you are used to wearing your hair on one length then you may try adding layers to your hairstyle that will help you maintain your length but also give you the joy of having a completely different haircut! Layers add volume and movement to a boring haircut and you should try them especially if you have long hair!

Like a celeb: Life is too short to have any sort of repressed thoughts and feelings so if you have always loved Jennifer Aniston’s hair now is the time to go ahead and do this big change. Even if you are scared of change you need to give yourself the joy of trying a celebrity hairstyle and why not feel like a hot celebrity yourself!

Tip: if you do not wish to loose any of your length but all you wan to do is make your hair look healthy and get rid of split ends and breakage and more importantly you wish to keep your hair’s style, then you may just trim your hair to maintain your haircut once a month. This way you get to keep your length and maintain your haircut more stunning than ever!

It is your dream: If all you can think about is changing your hair and getting a new haircut then you may as well do it otherwise you will loose all your energy over a new haircut. If you have been dreaming since a little girl to cut your hair short all you have to do is go ahead and do it rather than just spending your whole day thinking about it!

Preparing for Spring 2013 Hairstyles

It is typical that most people decide to go darker with their hair color in the winter and blonder in the summer. When should you begin your transition for summer? The beginning of April is a good time to begin adding some highlights throughout your hair so that by the time summer is here you have gradually transitioned into the perfect lighter shade!

It is also a good time because many people are planning Spring Break vacations starting in April and adding some natural sun into your hair will also help your hair transition into a lighter shade easier! Check out Jennifer’s beautiful highlights! Her stylist wove small sections to create very thin, natural looking highlights!

Also something to keep in mind is later in summer it is time to begin adding some lowlights in with your highlights so that you don’t end up 100% blonde! Many people like to have the dimension of highlights without being completely blonde and lowlights are the way to maintain that dimension!