Wavy Hair – All the rage in 2012

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Wavy Hair is becoming all the rage! How can you copy this look?
There are many ways to achieve different wavy styles but for a sleek wavy style like the one Amanda is wearing it is easiest to use a waving iron. Crimping irons used to be the popular tool but there is a modern twist on the crimping iron! You can purchase a “waving iron” or “undulating iron” from department stores or from your hair salon. Undulating irons cost around $30.
You simply part sections of your hair and clamp the waving iron starting near your scalp. Hold the iron to create the wave. Release and lower the iron to repeat until all of your hair is wavy!

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  1. Jackie Smith says:

    My husband would kill me if I went out looking like Amanda with her waves, as he likes the sexy sleek {straight} look!

  2. vickie lynne says:

    ive always loved long wavy hair ..so to all you wavy and curly haired girls ..remember this ..every day girls and women pay lots of money to get what you already have ..and if you need more proof wavy and curly rocks over straight hair ..just take 2 pictures of someone with straight and wavy/curly and see dont the waves andcurls win every time …love the waves and curls ..i do ..love Vickie

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