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Lindsay Lohan Hair Styles

Yes, the inevitable has happened, your favorite Mean Girls actress was given what many consider the star treatment, even in prison. After about 18 days of a 90 day sentence, Lindsay Lohan was spotted looking happy, relaxed, and relieved to continue her life of excess. One of the first things on her list, hanging out with her friend Eliat, who was driving the black Mercedes she was spotted gassing up here. And it looks like her decision to go into prison blonde stuck, as she seems to be maintaining the look. At least for now. Yes, Lindsay Lohan is starting to develop a reputation similar to Ashlee Simpson when it comes to style, as it appears that she is enjoying changing the hair color with the seasons. We’ve seen her red, platinum, black, and now she is back to blonde and appears to be her usual self. This look is not so difficult to achieve in terms of styling. But the long, bone straight look with or without fringe bangs is about as contemporary as the skinny jean that Lindsay is wearing, so give it a whirl as this timeless look will flatter any face shape.

To get the look that Lindsay has here, you want to start off with the same layered cut that she has here with or without, depending on your taste, some nice fringe bangs that will draw attention to those gorgeous eyes. Use some straightening serum on towel dried hair, and blow dry your hair with a flat paddle brush pulling your hair straight as you dry. Use a flat iron to sleek your hair out as much as you can. When you are flat ironing, you want to pin the top sections of your hair up first, and flat iron the bottom sections for maximum fullness and all over straightness. After you have flat ironed your entire head, spritz your hair with some anti-humectant. Immediately following this, you will want to flat iron your hair again, and this will lock in the humectant, and give your hair some beautiful shine. It will also seal the cuticle and ensure that your hair stays straight and glam all day long, even when you are pumping up at the gas station.

Photograph: © David Tonnessen,*

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