Pink Rocks It As Usual

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Pink Short Hairstyles

There is something about this girl that just makes you want to not mess with her. And it doesn’t seem to matter whether she is showing off her soft feminine side, her hard rocker side, or her everyday side here where she is toting a fashion mag while out and about in Beverly Hills. We know she is tough, she makes sure of that, but yet she can be just as girly as the rest of us. One more reason to love her. And this super short punky style is the perfect look if you are the kind of girl that likes to mix it up a bit, because believe it or not, there is a lot you can do with this look. Mess it up a million different ways or sleek it out a million different ways, in millions of ways this look is more versatile than long hair because it lets you become anyone or any style you want. Pink is seen here with her contemporary short hair sleeked down and framing her pretty face. But she is yet another girl that even with short punky locks, she seems to have a different look every day.

If you have super short locks, you can achieve this particular look by applying some volumizing mousse to freshly washed hair, and then comb your hair against your head in the sleek manner that Pink has done here. For a contemporary edge, comb some larger pieces in front of your ears framing your face. Allow your hair to air dry and the style will set as you combed it. After it has dried, apply just a smidge of pomade to your comb, and then comb the style yet again to set the style even stronger. If you want to get a little punky and edge this look up for evening, tweak some shine wax on the ends for a sleek, contemporary look.

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