Yes, Even Kate Hudson Has Bad Hair Days

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Kate Hudson Bad Hair

There are women in Hollywood that can get away with fresh face here and there, or a sloppy updo or ponytail here or there, but it is moments like this that really prove who can…or who can’t…pull that off. Looks like Kate Hudson gets grumpy whenever her stylist takes the day off. Here she is being snapped getting into a waiting limo with a hot mess of wet hair. This is a familiar look, no? One we all experience just moments after getting out of the shower. So I have to wonder, how little time could she have taken to get ready? You don’t need a stylist to improve this look, a simple hairbrush will be a good start. This is one hairstyle that we certainly can’t recommend or provide any kind of hints or tips on, other than, don’t try this one yourself. Sometimes celebrities can get away with missing a hair brush on occasion, but this is really a rare occurrence, and not one that you want to try and get away with so soon after your exit from the shower stall. This is a girl that always looks drop dead gorgeous, but here she just looks worn out in all shapes and forms, and this is definitely a just got out of bed look that you certainly want to avoid. Granted, by hopping into a waiting limo there is the suggestion that she may be off to work to be styled elsewhere, but come on, really? Mental note, if there is even the slightest chance of a throng of cameras being outside your door in the morning, keep a hairbrush on your foyer table and just give it a whirl before you open that door.

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