Kirsten Dunst Remains as Awkward as Ever

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Kirsten Dunst Pictures
It isn’t often that the word pretty or beautiful comes up in conversation with the name Kirsten Dunst, in fact “awkward” always seems more appropriate, but I have to say, she does it to herself. Here she is seen attending the screening of her directoral debut “Between teh Lines” during the 2010 Tribeca Film Festival at Village East Cinema. And I have to say, the one thing about Kirsten Dunst is that even on the red carpet she can never really pull off the glam that well. She is posing somewhat uncomfortably here, and I even wonder if she has had some work done, her face looks….different, no? But this is all well and good because as far as I am concerned she has certainly had worse days. This Mary Poppins style frock is one thing, but the new platinum locks and beauty routine are at least throwing her a few points. This hairstyle is not the worst she has had, and though her hair may be a little too fine for the wavy look, it is a relatively easy and sexy look to accomplish. The key to gorgeous waves is in the volume, so that is the first thing you never want to forget, even if you are working with fine hair like Kirsten is here.

To get this look, start off by scrunching some pomade or volumizing mousse into your hair. Blow dry with a round bristle brush, or you can wind sections around your hair if you prefer. This winding effect will make your waves a little more swingy than usual. You can use a curling iron to set stronger waves once you have done this, but instead of clamping the iron onto your hair, wind the hair section around the barrel of the curling iron. This way the ends won’t curl as tight, and they will stick out just enough to give you this pretty tousled look. After you have finished curling, shake your hair out and finger comb it as you go through the day, and you will have long luscious waves lasting all day, and into the night.

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