Jennifer Garner Caught Without Makeup

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Jennifer Garner No Makeup

Oh don’t we just love to see it when celebs are caught without makeup, it brings them down a notch or two and makes them seem a little more human. And if we can see flaws in our favorite stars, even better, but it seems that Jennifer Garner wants us to hate her for being beautiful, because even when she is makeup free, she is looking fabulous. The fresh faced starlet was seen hanging out in Los Angeles after having a two hour lunch with a friend in Brentwood. She was spotted looking casually great in a button up cardigan, baggy jeans, and a no muss no fuss chic and neat ponytail. You almost want to hate someone that looks THAT great even when she is in prime everyday mode, but with one of America’s sweethearts, you just can’t bring yourself to hate her, can you? No, but you can take a few lessons from her when it comes to looking effortlessly fabulous as Jennifer seems to have here. And if you think it looks a little too effortless, think again because not only does this look effortless, but this look IS effortless to achieve with a quick and simple ponytail twist.

For her look here Jennifer has gone with an uber cas look that still looks sexy and chic. She has simply pulled back her hair in a sexy ponytail, and not fussed too much about flyaways or concise neatness and then piled it into a double ponytail at the back of her head to keep her hair free and out of her way for her lunch date. And she has taken care of all of her little flyaways with a very pretty and very chic headband to boot. If you want to go super cas as well, you can do so, and do so however you like. While this is much more of a workout look than an everyday casual look, you can still pull this one off in the everyday if you have the right hair accessory to pair your hair with for a chic and sassy everyday casual look that really only takes a few minutes.

Photograph: Pedro Andrade/ Kevin Perkins, ©

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