Mischa Barton’s NOT a Prostitute, She’ll Just Play One on TV

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Mischa Barton Pictures
Mischa Barton is one of those fashionistas that has kind of slipped under the radar since her bout in a rehab facility earlier last year. We just haven’t seen or heard too much from her, and many of us have just assumed that she fell off the wagon again, as whenever she did make it back to the spotlight, she never really met up to earlier years fashionista standards. So what gives with Mischa and what is she up to these days, and why does she look like she is selling wares on the street corner? No worries, she has not sunk to new lows in terms of raking in cash for her habits we don’t know about, she is simply dressed in character here as a prostitute for an upcoming guest stint she has on the set of Law and Order. She is playing a street worker who turns to Detective Benson for help in one of those prostitute type life or death decision things. Should be interesting.

For her look with her hair, she went with less skank and more volume, and let the outfit do the talking when it comes to the skank factor. That’s okay as long as we remember that this is all character for her. This is a look though as far as her hair is concerned that is pretty hot right now, and you can get this voluminous hair very easily, though give yourself some extra time here. To get this look, use texturizing shampoo and conditioner, and you will want to blow dry with a round bristle brush.

Blow dry your hair about 95%, and when it is still slightly damp, you can set your hair in large sized Velcro rollers to create this wonderful volume that Mischa has here, without the look of curls. Let your rollers set for about 30 minutes, and then blast some heat on them to finish the drying and lock in that volume. When your hair has cooled from this blast, take the rollers out and brush out your hair with your soft bristle brush. Finish the look with a sexy side part, another hot hair trend this year. The end result? A lovely voluptuous mane with just enough wave and volume to look sexy, but not too much that you are over the top.

Photograph: PacificCoastNews.com

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