6 Must Know Beauty Secrets for Women

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For most women, the common assumption is that they already have all the essential knowledge on how to treat their skin, nails and hair. But in light of recent breakthroughs and findings in scientific research, some of this information may be erroneous or outdated. Or perhaps there is only knowledge, and no execution. With this in mind, here are some tips to help you out when it comes to beauty secrets:

1. Choose your facial cleanser very carefully. Your choice of facial cleanser is critical as it should never be too harsh or contain too many chemicals. You need to choose a cleanser that is both gentle and effective at dissolving dirt and excess oil on your face without stretching or drying your skin out in the process. Check out the label of the facial cleanser and choose one that is absent of detergents, irritants, fragrances, alcohols and anything else that causes blocking of the pores. Keep in mind that natural products do not necessarily make the grade. Lemon, cinnamon, essential oils, and mint may irritate the skin.

2. Exfoliation is absolutely essential. It is nothing short of surprising to note how many women skip the exfoliation process either because they deem it unnecessary or they are unsure of how to go about the process. Exfoliation is absolutely essential because it penetrates the skin to the core. It opens the doorway for your skin care creams, products, and serums to be 100 percent absorbed into your skin. In other words, exfoliation allows your skin to glow. If your skin is acne prone, it is wise to use an exfoliation product that contains salicylic acid. Consult your dermatologist for further advice.
3. Rage against skin aging with the use of retinoids. The development of retinoids was the result of coming up with a product that is useful for treating acne and smoothing out fine facial lines. Retinoids are used for thickening the epidermis and dermis. Dead skin cells are also exfoliated in the process and collagen production is likewise increased. However, one drawback to using retinoids is that they make the sun more sensitive to sunlight. With this in mind, it is ideal to use them at night.
4. Scrub those dead skin cells away. While facial scrubs are readily available at facial spas, you do not have to spend a fortune on these. You can make your own facial scrubs at home for half the price. Pick up some sugar cubes at the store and use the cubes on your skin. Rub them in circular motions. Afterwards, wash with lukewarm water and pat yourself dry. You can also recreate a hot steam experience by heating up a pot of water and standing over the stove once it starts to boil.
5. Extend the scrub to your body. Our faces are often the centre of attention when it comes to beauty regimens. This tends to leave many women with scaly skin on their knees, elbows, legs and arms. Don’t be a statistic and gather some coconut oil, kosher salt, and minced basil from your kitchen shelves. Throw these into a bowl, create a paste, and start scrubbing it on your body.
6. Hydrate your hair the proper way. Many women tend to apply their conditioner the same way that they do their shampoo. But the truth is that you need not let the conditioner reach your scalp as the scalp produces natural oils to help in the fight against dry hair. That said, it will suffice to let the conditioner sink into your hair from the mid-shaft to the tips.

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