Mid Length Hairstyle Tips for Summer 2012

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Mid Length Hairstyles 2012

Mid Length Hairstyles 2012

January 28, 2012 by Author:

Claire Danes Looked better then ever at the “An evening with Homeland” event in hollywood on March 21st proving that mid length hair can be hotter then ever this year. Not only did her hair look amazing but so did her body! To prepare for the show, Claire Danes spent time with real CIA agents quoting ” It was a trill to peak inside that culture!”. This blonde bombshell was also honored as Hasty’s 1212 woman of the year and has caught everyone’s eye as of late. There are many ways to update mid length hair so weather you are looking for this length or growing your hair out, look fierce without the hassle of longer locks.

Top tips for going for a mid length cut: One of the most important things to think about when looking for a mid length hairstyle that will best suit you is the density of your hair.

For medium to thick hair, you can do more detailed layers in the back because you have more to work with. Layers can change the whole look depending on if your layers are just on the bottom layer or just focused at the crown so have fun with it!

If you have fine hair you want to stay away from too many layers on the bottom layer because it will make your hair look more fine. It’s best with fine hair to keep the bottom more blunt and just focus on a few soft layers around the crown and a few face framing layers. Bangs will also give this length of hair a even more trendier look as well. Another great thing about this length is it’s a lot more manageable then long locks but can be just as or even more sexy then longer styles.

With summer just around the corner, mid length hair is easier to deal with in humidity but still long enough to pull up for a new and easy look.

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