Reese Witherspoon Works it Out

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Reese Witherspoon Hairstyles
Reese Witherspoon has earned quite a valuable reputation in Hollywood as one of the most sought after A-listers to date, and it is not difficult to see why. Though we don’t see very much of her these days, we are very happy when we do get as sneak peek at what she is up to, and so when she popped out from under the radar to attend Pilates class the other day, we were VERY excited. Here she is seen in the trendy Brentwood district of Southern California, as she headed out to Pilates wearing a large pair of aviator shades and some chic black workout clothes. You almost want to hate someone that looks THAT great even when she is in prime workout mode, but with America’s sweetheart, you just can’t bring yourself to hate her, can you? No, but you can take a few lessons from her when it comes to looking effortlessly fabulous for a workout session as Reese seems to have here. And if you think it looks a little too effortless, think again because not only does this look effortless, but this look IS effortless to achieve with a quick and simple ponytail twist.

For her workout here Reese has gone with an uber cas look that still looks sexy and chic. She has simply pulled back her hair in a sexy ponytail, and not fussed too much about flyaways or concise neatness and then piled it into a double ponytail on top of her head to keep her hair free and out of her way for her Pilates session. And she has taken care of all of her little flyaways with a very pretty and very chic headband to bood. If you want to go super cas as well, you can do so, and do so however you like. While this is much more of a workout look than an everyday casual look, you can still pull this one off in the everyday if you have the right hair accessory to pair your hair with for a chic and sassy everyday casual look that really only takes a few minutes. Easy, breezy, beautiful. That’s our Reese, and if we can take a few lessons from her, then we most certainly will take full advantage of that.

Photograph: © Max Butterworth, Brett Thompsett,

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