Paris Hilton Jumps Back in the Saddle

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Paris Hilton Haircuts
Ah yes, for some people it just doesn’t take all that long to bounce back from stalker like ex-girlfriend to new girlfriend in a jiffy. Paris Hilton is not one girl that is free from reputation smears, but her most recent post-breakup actions from Benji Madden didn’t exactly make her look like an heiress in the making, did it? Here she is though showing Benji, and anyone else that cares, that she has moved on and is happy again. Yes, the world can breath a collective sigh of relief knowing that Paris is back in the saddle, and this time she is hooking up with the cutie pie Doug Reinhardt as they vacation together in Hawaii. Paris looks pretty as usual in a gorgeous strapless maxi-dress and has pinned her hair back in an elegant coif that is both casual and sexy at the same time.

This look is very easy to accomplish, and Paris is proving that you don’t need long luscious locks for a gorgeous quickie updo. Start off with your bangs and here you will create the infamous Hollywood bump. Lift your bangs with one comb, and then with another backcomb them just a little bit so that you can get that nice little lift. Take t his section and twist it just a bit and pin at the top of your crown for an elegant lift to your bangs in the front. The rest of the hair you can simply comb back with a fine tooth comb for a sleek and elegant back ponytail or updo.

Use some festive pins or accessories to pin the sides and showcase your updo. Simple and sleek is the mission here, so work on just pinning your hair back, and don’t fuss too much with how pretty it is, you can dress this up with accessories. Finish the look with extra hold hairspray and some glossing serum for a sexy, shiny look that will be elegant and chic whether you are taking it out at night, or lounging on the beach all day.

Photograph: © Will Binns,

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