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Girl, you gotta keep up the latest hairstyle trends for women ;) and thats what we are here for! Free hairstyle photos and trends of latest women celebrity styles and advice! Here are some of the latest hairstyle trends that we have seen for women:

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Scene Hairstyles Trend: An Expression of Individuality

Scene Hairstyles 2011A raging trend these days is scene hair, which is often confused with emo hair. Even though the scene subculture can be said to have evolved from the emo hairstyle trend, it now holds a place of its own and has distinct characteristics which differentiate it from emo hair.

Scene hair can be described as a fusion of emo and glam styles. While emo hair is comparatively bland and meant for minimal product use, scene hair is more in-your-face flamboyant, with lots of hair sprays, gels, jarring colors, bright dyes, extensions, straigtening, and so on. It also expresses a more upbeat personality in the wearer due to the colorfulness of the look.

Some of the hottest scene haircut trends seen in 2011 are the shy look (for longer hair which is set to flow in front of the face, covering part or most of it), the wild look (more layered, stacked, teased hair), and the shaggy look (hair chopped or styled on an angle for a perfectly imperfect effect). The most important part of scene hairstyles are the colors and accessories used for the finishing touches as these are the elements that showcase the wearers individual personality and unique style.

Scene hairstyles are not only popular among girls, but guys as well. While some may think it would be difficult to style guysí short hair in a scene trend, itís quite simple actually. Scene hair for males involves sharp lines and vivid colors and most importantly, longer hair. If your hair is short, grow it out, guys. The time it takes to get it the right length will be worth it if youíre into scene hairstyles. In the meantime, there are plenty of accessories out there (i.e. hats, caps, bandannas, etc.) to keep you from turning back from those awkward midway lengths.

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