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Short Hairstyle Trends are constantly changing, but we have seen some very drastic short haircuts this year with the sexy short bob hairstyle to very short fade even on women new year of 2012! Lookout an increasing amount of women cutting their hair with the new modern pixie hairstyle that has become very popular amoung the short hairstyles 2012 trends!

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Short Hairstyles 2012 - Pixie Hairstyles 2012 Trend -
January 4, 2012

Short Hairstyles 2012 If you are looking for a new years hair resolution, why not bring out your inner confidence with a short hairstyle 2012 like Emma Watson or the mamma bear of reality shows Chris Jenner. Whether your highly active or are just looking for a new trend, in 2012 pixie hairstyles are coming back with a more feminine vibe this year.

What’s great about short hair is that the cut is so trendy you can have fun with the look without spending allot of time or money on it... Continue Short Hairstyles 2012 Trends Article!

Short Hairstyles for 2012 Trends! Why So Popular?

Pixie Hairstyles 2012

Short hairstylet trends are much more common than long haircut trends when it comes to women. More and more women have been getting hair extensions, which is artificial hair collected in to strands. They use this artificial hair, (which feels and looks completely real), by clipping it on to their shorter hair. This is an easier way to put streaks in to their hair without having to actually dye their hair. It is also the reason that so many women are able to experiment with their hair. Some girls even cut their hair incredibly short for when they are alone at home, and then just get longer hair extensions instead.

These 2012 haircut trends can vary from dying your hair many different colors, all the way to cutting your hair an exact length or a certain way. A common hairstyle among teenage girls is the “scene hairstyle”, which is short layered hair parted to one side. This style of hair originated on the internet, and has been popularized in the U.S. over the past decade. Other popular short hairstyles for women include a frizzy bowl cut, which is a modified version of a guy’s hairstyle. One of the main reasons that this type of hairstyle is now being taken over by women is to prove that it’s not strange for guys to style their hair to be longer.

There are many different trends going on for men as well, in fact there are probably more out there for men than for women. The reason for this is because most men still prefer to get their hair cut short, although there are hundreds resorting to longer hair day by day. One of these short haircut trends is a modified version of the buzz cut, which was originally a military hairstyle. A lot of men are taking the buzz cut hairstyle and putting different words or symbols in their hair.

A common 2012 hairstyle among men is a short but thick hairstyle, which comes across horizontally as opposed to vertically like almost all other hairstyles. It brings an entirely different look to hair, because it is simply so unique. Short hair for a man is generally classified as well above the ears, although some men’s hair can grow longer on the sides than in the back and the front. So many men have resorted to getting a horizontal, short but thick cut, because their hair does not grow long fast enough, and their hair gets so voluminous too fast.

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