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2012 isnt here yet, but we are the your #1 source for latest hairstyle trends and we will keep you updated on what to expect in 2012! Check out some of our favorite hairstyle trends for 2012 below and dont forget to print them out and take with you to your hairstylist!

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Hair Color Trends 2012 - Rich Chocolate Brown Color

Hair Color 2012

Dec 27, 2011 by Author:
Its hard not to notice Melissa Rycroft at Winter in Venice at the Venetian Las Vegas Hotel on December 17, 2011 with hair that healthy. Deep rich chocolate browns are a big trend in this year. Dark hair looks great with light and dark eyes and makes any girl look mysterious and exotic.

How too get this look: Look for warm chocolate browns to avoid a boring brown. If you go to a stylist, listen to there advice for your skin complexion and always remember that hair color isn't permanent so have fun with it! View More Brunette Hairstyles!

2012 Hairstyle Trends to Expect

We have been watching the celebrity scene and noticing a few trends to look out for in 2012!

1. Ombre Hairstyles - Very Popular this year and looks beautiful!
Ombre Hairstyles 2012
Jessica Biel has her hair colored with the Ombre hair coloring technique which her dark root gradually fade into a softer shade of brown. You will have not have to get your hair colored as often and touch ups on your roots because it is part of the style!

2. Short Pixie Hairstyles - A very bold move, but very popular this year
Short Pixie Hairstyles 2012
Jenna Elfman's hair is cut in a cute pixie style, with a lot of razored layers to add texture. Straightened and styled with some pomade completes this piecy looking pixie.

3. Long Bangs - Adds a slight amount of youthfulness to your look
Bangs Hairstyles 2012
Anna Farris has her haircut in a one length bob. She is wearing her hair styled straight with full bangs!

4. Teased Hairstyles - Create volume and add flare to any hairstyle!
Hairstyles 2012
Annas Paquin from True Blood with her hair teased on the top and sides to create a lot of volume and then smoothed back into a tight bun in the middle of the back of her head. This is simple style that will look gorgeous without having to worry about the humidity. Simple, Sexy, and Elegant!

5. Long Extensions - Feel sexy with longer and fuller hair this year!
Hairstyles Extensions 2012
Amandas Bynes very long extensions are parted in the middle and spiral curled.

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