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Winter 2011 will be here in just a few months and its time to find the perfect hairstyle for the cooler weather or for just a new look for that first day of school! Look for more hairstyles with bangs this Winter, chunky lowlights, and diagonal forward layered hairstyles! More Winter 2011 Hairstyle Trend Galleries below:

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5 Tips to Keep Hair Frizz Free This Winter 2011

Winter Hairstyles 2011With Fall practically behind us, the drop in temperatures is guaranteed to bring with it some precipitation that we just donít like. And for those in northern temperatures, it will only be preceded by more weather, that slushy s-word we dare not utter yet. But just because it may be a little drippy outside, does not mean you have to feel like a drip inside. If rainy hair days make you think of nothing but frizz, use these tips from Glamour hair guru Gretta who says rainy hair days can be some of the easiest hair days ever. Donít fight the frizz, prepare for it, and embrace it.

1. Tip number one for the frizz prone are to always use heat protective spray on wet hair before you touch it with a blow dry or iron. This will help create a nice barrier against any environmental issues.

2. Add your favourite anti-frizz product, and make sure you are staying on the light side. You want to avoid mousse type things, or any additional styling products. The tendency is to move towards more product to avoid frizz, but in some cases, it can make the problem so much worse.

3. Blow dry your hair until it is 100% bone dry, no exceptions. Make sure it has cooled completely before you step outside, this ensures the hair cuticle stays nice and flat and prevents outdoor water from seeping back in.

4. Lastly? Keep your hands to yourself. Resist that temptation to run them through your hair, the oil from your hands does not smooth frizz, it makes it worse. The sooner you let any moisture back into that hair shaft, the sooner you are amping up the frizz factor.

5. When all else fails? Braid hairstyles. A lovely side braid is the new twist to the side ponytail, and is your no fail bet to beating the frizz and looking chic no matter WHAT the temperatures are outside.

More Winter Hairstyle Tips

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