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Summer 2011 is here and from the way it is starting out, its going to be a hot one! Similar to most summer hairstyles trends every year, short is in style, but 2011 has brought a different flair and spunk to summer tresses then before. We are seeing many celebrities with very short pixie haircuts which has always been a favorite for celebs like Halle Berry but this year it has become much more popular! More Summer 2011 Hairstyle Trend Galleries below:

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2011 Summer Hairstyle Trend - Bold Colored Highlights

Double Hair KnotNo matter what length you haircut is we have seeen a trend this year of very bold and expressive highlights and hair coloring. Look for bold colors that fit your personality. The hairstyle pictured here may not be for everyone, but it looks great on her and matches her style and makeup.

If you have very light or blonde hair, go for some subtle red highlights. If you have light brown hair, have your stylist put a few blonde highlights just around your face to add a little edge.

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