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Haistyle Trends are constantly changing! That is why we at are dedicated to keep you up to date on the latest hairstyles and celebrity hairstyle trends. In 2011 we have seen some styles come and go, but what is most important is a style that fits your face structure and your personality. Extreme bright highlights have become very popular this year along with razor cuts and blunt bangs (to name a few)!

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New Hairstyle Trend 2011 - The Double Hair Knot

Double Hair KnotIt doesn’t matter if your hair is long, short, curly, straight, or somewhere in between all of that. When it comes to trying to find new things to do with it, it can be very easy to run short on ideas. Thankfully we have the runways and the catwalks during every fashion week to inspire us for new hairstyle ideas for 2011. Though it may seem that every model walking the walk has gorgeous voluminous hair, the truth is, hairstyles in every length, shape, and curl pattern grace the runways, and they give us plenty of ideas and inspiration to stay beautiful and fresh looking.

This year’s catwalks are no different, and while the fashion and clothing may be neutral and minimalist, the hairstyles are anything but. Where you will go simple with your every day ensemble styling, your hair is going to take an all new direction. Think big, think bold, and don’t be afraid to over do it. This year, if you want new hairstyle trend ideas for 2011, don’t be afraid to embellish. You may think your outfit won’t turn heads, but if you pair it with the right hairstyles, you definitely will. This year one of the hottest, and you’ll be happy to hear, easiest hairstyles of all will be the double hair knot. You saw this first in casual means with Britney Spears, as it seems to be her every day go to casual look. In 2011 you will take this casual look to an all new level that will be anything but casual.

Minimalist is the theme this year for trends, which is what makes the double hair knot so spectacular. It’s easy. And if you give it enough volume, it is anything but minimal. This is an almost effortless look that you can attain even on medium length hair. You can make this look a sleek updo for night, or muss it up and wear it casually for day. Either way, the end result is dead sexy, and dead easy.

1. First divide your dry and second day hair into three sections, making sure you maintain a side part. (to achieve the sleek nighttime look for the double knot, wash your hair and keep it wet, completing all of the same steps). The first section will be in the front, from your bangs towards your crown. The remaining two sections will be your sides, and the back.

2. Spritz it all over with a beachy sea salt spray, or if you don’t have that, an extra hold gel will do the same trick. With gel, less is more. Spritz a bit into your hair and then scrunch your hair to add some texture or waves.

3. Pull your front section back now, tease the underside just a smidge (no teasing if you are making this look sleek for night), and pull it to the side, on the opposite side of your part. The side part is one of the sexiest looks for 2011, and you want to maintain this look of “mystery”. You can pin this section behind your ear, or tie it together with one of your side sections.

4. For the last step, you are simply tying the remaining sections together into a knot. First tie your side and back sections into one knot that sits elegantly at the nape of your neck. If your side section that you pulled from the front is too long to keep tucked behind your ear, tie this section with your back section into the second knot. If you keep the side section pinned behind your ear, then you simply need to double knot the section you just knotted into…you got it, the double knot.

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