Michelle Williams Pixie Hairstyles 2012

Pixie Hairstyles 2012

Pixie Hairstyles 2012

January 28, 2012 by Author:

Michelle Williams looked refreshed at the Irish In Film” Pre-Academy Awards Event on february 23rd. Michelle Williams first developed this pixie cut signature style back in 2010 but continues to slightly change her look yearly. With a brighter blonde look in 2012 she continues to be a pixie hairstyles icon for girls that love to rock this trendy and confident look.

Tips when developing your own signature pixie look: Whether you are looking to go short all over or keep it more face framing, keep in mind your face shape before finding the perfect look. Also, the texture of your hair will effect the amount of styling you will have to be prepared for daily. Oval face shapes can rock almost any style so if your looking for a cut like Michelle Williams or Emma Watson, tell your stylist to cut your hair 1 inch to one in a half inches.

There is something really freeing about cutting your hair off so have fun with it! If your not quit ready to go as short as Michelle Williams, try going short in the back and keeping a longer style in the front. Longer side swept bangs are a forever in style classic that you can’t go wrong with. If this is a look you have been wanting to do, go for it!