Celebrity Hairstyles Women | Taylor Swift

Music Artist Taylor Swift in Long Spiral Curl Hair Style
Photo Source: Bob Charlotte/PRPhotos

About This Hairstyle: Music artist Taylor Swift in her signature long spiral curled hair style for the MTV VMA red carpet.

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kiana margarette milan 06-04-2010
cute, so very pretty
i reaally like this picture really much.
Autumn 07-13-2009
hi Taylor i am just wantin to tell you that you are my role model in every way i have hair just like and one of my friends ya you will probably meet her one day she is just like your twin i mean she looks like you and everything she is not as tall as you though anyways i love everything you do and just remeber always reach for the stars and never give up on what you do
I really love the hair and the color it fits ypu perfectly
Taylor, All i can say about your hair is each and every video of yours, you look great and your hair fits you in each one. keep up the good work and always be yourself thats what makes you the person you are...
Beautiful but getting old, id like to see her in short hair.
Taylor i love how you style your hair my hair is verry similar and am always told that i look like you! my school has formal dances and i had mine styled to resemble your love story video!
I love your hair styles!! My favorite is the on in love story!!
Taylor!! I love your hair!!
haha taylor i hope ur reading this...my friend kevin loves u...he rips up my friend mollys magazines and takes all the pics out of u....as funny at it is i feel bad for her cuz she orders these magazines every month n he rips them up wen she brings em to school lol shes so smart n u wood think shed learn by now not to bring them


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