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Miley Cyrus Long Wavy HairStyles
Photo Source: © Chris Hatcher - PR Photos

About This Hairstyle: Miley Cyrus (Hanna Montana) at the 50th Annual Grammy Awards wearing beautiful white short dress with a long curly and wavy hairstyle.

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lexus 04-16-2009
i dpnt now wat they talking about but you is pretty to me on that pictuer i wish i can be that pretty like you wen i grqw up i want to gwst like you i am 12 years old but yea this is lexus
this is the ugliest creature ever
this is scary looking whats with the big fake blake hair
Face it, when Brittany bombed, we then had Miley, running off her daddys coattail. Oterwise she would never have made it... The girl is ugly no matter how many tons of makeup they paste on her. And that mouth of hers, omg, too freakey!!!
Omg! I think she looks CUTE here. Wut r u guys talking about?
eiw.. is this miley??!! she looks different.. like ugly different.. hehe..
well she probably got botox or something messed up like that
she looks like an alien.and her lips are pretty weird.but otherwise hairs cute,just a little messed up
This aint mileys best photo..so next time dont do your lips like that, it looks big..ew Always look hot when you know people will be taking pictures of you!
she looks disgusting
amanda 09-22-2008
your lips look bigger.


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