Celebrity Hairstyles Women | Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart Long Straight and Modern Messy Hair Style
Photo Source: PRPhotos

About This Hairstyle: Twilight star Kristen Stewart appears in a television interview with her long layered hair styled straight and modern messy.

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someone plese tell me her haircut name?????????
i love her hair!! its really simple and quick to do! but it takes alot of backcombing :S :L
darlyn 04-11-2010
kristen you hair rock i try evrer thing but cannot do it spary it not comeb for few days and curly my hari everday use the roll and use curly iona
Angel 03-29-2010
what i did to get her messy waves is i parted my hair to the left, and i have a calic, so it naturally lifts it up, and has that volume, but i also blow dry my bangs, dry or wet. I then curl random parts of my hair, without the clamp, to make it messy. Not curling every peice, and leaving some straight. Then i get a mousse and i put it all threw my hair, i flip my hair, apply some hair spray, and im good to go! Its a good style to do quick and easy! it takes me five minutes tops!
Omg.. i love her hair.!! i have such thick hair its so hard to do!! but kristen keep working it!!(: lol
i have tried so many different ways to get my hair like hers. i just dont know how kristen does it. its messy..but a neat messy? not a horrible messy. shes deffinatly braught in so much more style for younger girls. i LOVE her style.. my idol i would say!
chloe..country fan10-11-2009
okay first of all, straighten your hair, then backcomb it then hairspray xx
okay all you have to do is when you get out of the shower you bend over to where ur hair is bent over and blow dry to where ur hair has a lot of volume! then you kind of brush it back to where its messy like hers is! then you spray ur hair to where its not too much! thats wat i told my friend to do and her hair looked exactly like hers except for different hair color!!
I loooooooooove he hair and face! But how do I get her hairstyle?!
her hair is perfectly messy, but in a good way, its very chill
stacey 06-13-2009
someone plz tell me how they made their hair look like hers. Like excatly i am having trouble finding out
How can I get her hairstyle too???
I love her hair 2!!It took me ages but ive finally perfected doing mine like hers=]
i wanna know how does she do her hair like that?


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