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Rihanna hairstyles have started to become very common among African American women. These hairstyles almost always require the addition of a weave or hair extensions, as well as some abnormal dying of the hair. This can become a problem because if you want to keep your hair a natural color, this hairstyle will really not look anything like the way Rihanna has her hair. This type of hairstyle is truly one where if you do not dye it correctly, it will not look correct.

You should think about cutting your hair very short and then growing it out, because Rihanna's hairstyle is very thin and short. From there, ask your stylist to cut your layers very thin, and not to texturize anything other than your bangs too much.


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If you decide to get some weave, or hair extensions, then you should try not to cut them too short. Once you cut them, they will not grow back like normal hair. If you have to, try to hold the hair back with a hairband or something instead of cutting it. This will make it so you can reuse your hair on different hair styles if you don't like this hairstyle. By using these tips, you will have no problem recreating the Rihanna hairstyle.

Rihanna has been an extremely famous singer for five or six years now, often being confused with Beyonce. She also has a somewhat "under the radar" acting career, mainly appearing on numerous Saturday Night Live skits and work that she started herself. She is so well known because of the amount of work that she has done with artists who were already very famous, such as Eminem for example. This sparked her career to an all time high, now being proclaimed as having the same amount of fame, (or being more famous), than the people she originally worked with.


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