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Kimberly Caldwell hairstyles are a lot different than most celebrity female hairstyles, because her bangs are more or less completely horizontal. She also prefers to go for that "static" look, which means that while her hair is straight, it sticks up in a very well-kept manner.

Kimberly Caldwell’s hairstyle is realistically one of the hardest to match. Certain hair types will have absolutely no chance at getting this right, even if they try to straighten their hair. Other than how the hair is kept, matching this hair style is far from impossible. Dying it is incredibly easy, as you will use a standard dye with a little bit of fade. Her hair color is considered more of a platinum, with a fade to really light blonde, or even what can be considered a dark white.

To start changing your hair to try and match Kimberly's hairstyle, first try and get rid of any perms you already have. One of the most important parts of growing your hair out to look like someone else's is to grow it out correctly. If your hair has grown naturally curly, (or with a perm), then you will have a frustrating time trying to straighten it. When you are growing your hair out, try to straighten it lightly every chance you get. You may want to look in to getting your hair chemically straightened as well.

Kimberly Caldwell

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Next, don't bother dying your hair until the actual styling is done. You will spend more money than you need to on hair dye if you decide to do this, because you'll have to continue doing so. It is a known fact that your hair grows faster in the midst of growth than near the end or the beginning. Finding hair that is naturally the same color is also almost impossible, however if you have blonde hair that is close enough to the same color, you may be able to simply get very light highlights that will look the same.

Finally, try not to use any sort of straightening shampoo on anything other than your bangs. If you're trying to match her hairstyle completely, then you're going to want to straighten your bangs the most. In addition to straightening them, you also need to make your bangs fall almost completely horizontal. The hairstyle that she has will allow you to do this easily, and will not look the same unless you do so. By following these simple steps and tips, you will have no problem getting an almost perfect looking Kimberly Caldwell hairstyle!


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