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Halle Berry - Hairstyles & Haircuts

The Halle Berry hairstyles out there are so oddly claimed. The reason that it's so odd to say a hairstyle is a "Halle Berry" hairstyle is because she changes her hair so much. In fact, over the past ten or so years, she has changed her hairstyle well over a dozen times. It is for this fact that you can hardly tell what anyone is talking about when they mention her hairstyle. The Short Hairstyle Halle Berry is most famous for is her very short pixie haircut!

Halle Berry sometimes wears her hair very, very short at the top. She has it pulled back in a sort of wavy bun, so that the short hair looks natural. Her hair is also quite a bit longer on the top than most normal hairstyles that have buns, because she positions her hair to fall a different way in the back, leaving more hair on the top. Many other hairstyles do this, so it may be possible that you have already done something like this.

Halle Berry

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Celebrity Halle Berry Long Curly Hair Style
Halle Berry Short Spiked Pixie Haircut
Halle Berry Long Pulled Back hairstyle with spiral curls
Celebrity Halle Berry Long Straight Hair Style with bangs

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Halle Berry played on a lot of different movies that were extremely famous. The two most famous, (at least what are considered the most famous and calculated to be the most famous), were the X-men movies and the movie Catwoman. This is where almost everyone knows her from, as well as her name being circulated around pretty much everywhere. Her short hairstyle with a bun in the back is not the only hairstyle that she frequents, though.

When Halleís hair is not cut short, she has worn her long, brown hair with curls at the bottom. This is a popular hairstyle for anyone really, because it is so easy to naturally do. If you have trouble curling your hair naturally, you can always get some sort of light perm. This will still give you the same appearance, and will help you not have to keep up with your hair every day like some people have to. That is sometimes the downside to having your hair naturally be a certain type.

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