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Adele Silva is not very well known for her hair, but instead her singing. She has never pursued any other career like most other singers have, focusing completely on her music. Her incredibly strong and talented voice, (as well as her diligent and humble attitude), has landed her a triple platinum record. She is most well known for her song "Someone Like You" as well as "Rolling In The Deep" which was what basically launched her singing career way further than anyone expected.

Adele Silva hairstyles are not really popular because her hairstyle is so amazing, (although she does put quite a lot of work in to her hair). Instead, so many people want to have the same like her because she's such an inspiration. As many know, Adele has battled being overweight for quite some time. When her manager told her that she needed to lose weight to be successful, she responded with: "Music is for the ears, not the eyes". This quote alone in response to her manager has made her who she is today.

Adele Silva

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Her hair is incredibly curly, with many different perms in her hair very obviously. She almost never wears her hair straight, although it may come off like her hair is short. Her hair varies from being a dark blonde to a light brown, as well as a dark brown in some spots. The trick to this hairstyle is getting the dye layered correctly, as well as getting your hair permed by a professional. As every woman knows, having a perm go wrong can cost you all the hair that was worked on, literally!

The dark brown is mainly placed in the middle of the strands of blonde hair. The light brown is mixed on top of the dark brown, and the rest of her hair is a dark blonde. This hairstyle should only cost around one hundred dollars to do, varying on how much your stylist charges. It generally only needs to be fixed up every six or seven months, depending on how fast your hair tends to grow. By following these tips, getting the Adele Silva hairstyle that many women are trying to turn their hair in to will be absolutely no problem for you!


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