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Fall 2012 Fashion Trend - Rich Purples, Oriental Hues and Leather... Oh My!

This fall the fashion trend is totally turn of the century, with masculine overtones and tweeds. But thatís not all, London is showcasing the color Cobalt, a brilliant blue hue paired with the dark rich overtones of dark hair fashions this...

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Keep up with Fashion for 2012

The fashion world Ė especially that of luxury or designer fashion Ė is a quick paced one that changes with the seasons. Because of this, it can be...

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How to Get Thin for your Summer Bikini Body

Its already May and Summer is creeping up very quickly! Dont wait til July when you are tanning by the pool to start thinking about losing some of...

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How to Make Uniforms look Fabulous

Ah yes, it seems that our society of conformity still wants to decide for us what to wear on occasion. So be that whether it is a school uniform,...

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How to wear underwear in public - Corset Tops

Corset tops are as much a part of the underwear as outerwear trend. You can also look great with this look from the runways to your evening wear....

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Lingerie Tips For Your Size When You Are a Smaller Girl

We had been talking about wearing the right lingerie for your figure. We all want to wear pretty things underneath, even if we are too shy to or lack...

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Sad But True, Time to Start Thinking Fall Wardrobe. Top 4 Tips.

Ah yes, though summer is far from over we canít help noticing the fall wardrobes hitting the stores. Itís certainly not groan worthy, a new season...

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Three Simple Steps to Get the Right Sized Bra

Yes the temps are dropping and skinnier clothes and cuts are coming out, so we are going to talk bras today. You have to know, and trust us, many...

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3 Fashion DOíS That Will Flatter Your Figure This Spring

Oh yes, the temps are climbing and layering has officially begun which means less and less skin as time goes on. Panic not, though we have discussed...

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3 Fashion Tips That Wonít Make You Go Bust

Oh yes, there is nary a woman in the world that isnít a little bust conscious, and this is one of those fashion situations where the grass is always...

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Top 3 Sweater Trends This Winter

The temps are dropping and of course this means that we need to be putting on more clothes and covering more skin. But that doesnít mean that you...

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