Celebrity Hairstyles

Start your hairstyle search by checking out the latest Celebrity Hairstyles and learn some great hairstyle secrets.

Celebrities are everywhere and usually their latest hairstyles are the latest hairstyles everyone wants. Changing your hairstyle is a source of inspiration, and it also changes things up a bit.

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Debbie Ryan Hairstyles

Debbie Ryan’s look is easy to do. According to Celebrity hairstylist Brian Magallones

This look is all about healthy, voluminous hair, while still looking young and modern.

Celebrity Hairstyles - Debbie Ryan

 © Sbukley | Dreamstime.com

In order to get Debbie Ryan’s look begin combing a great volumizing product in your hair. You want something that will not weigh your hair down. After that the product make sure to evenly distribute through your hair and make sure that you get the roots really deeply. About 80 percent of that is important to do, so if you only put in that much effort you will get the hairstyle. When drying the top section, be sure to dry the roots in the forward direction with a side part. Velcro rollers are great to use at this part of the style. Then begin drying the front top section and make sure that the roots are a deep side part. Then once the entire head is all set dry the roots with a hairdryer. Once all the barrel curls have also cooled and take them down and brush your hair. Also nothing beats this-the last step is to use a flat iron and straighten out the ends of the hair. Give yourself a dab of flossing cream to keep your hair look and healthy.

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