Ashley Greene Gets Sexy

Ashley Greene Hairstyles
The ever so hot Twilight star, Ashley Greene, is seen here attending a dress exchange charity event at the Kitson store on Robertson Boulevard last week in Los Angeles. And ever since the Twilight series took off, it seems that Ashley can’t exactly get a minute to herself as she gets a crash course on what it is like to be a superstar overnight. But as you can see, she is pulling it off with dignity and grace and that gorgeous smile that we know and love. But even though she is one of the freshest faces in Hollywood today, you would never guess that she just got bit with the stardom bug, as she seems to handle it with more grace than the average superstar does at her age. And this effortless appeal is only adding to her allure as one of today’s chicest rising stars. Here Ashley is looking cute as ever with her cropped hairstyle framing her face and complementing her features beautifully.

If you envy Ashley’s pixie look, you can get this look first by getting the right cut, so ask your stylist for longer length in the back and at your sides, but get some volume pumped into the top with shaggy layers cut into your crown. To style then, you can use some styling wax on towel dried hair, and blow dry your hair with a round bristle brush. This look is sleek, so you aren’t going to worry too much about volume here. When your hair is dried, spritz some antihumectant spray on your locks, and then run the flat iron over your entire head, bending the ends only slightly for some face framing style. By using the flat iron, you will lock in the antihumectant so your hair stays straight and sleek all day long, and it also adds some extra shine to that gorgeous style like Ashley has here. For some extra shine for a night out, you can spritz on some glossing serum for a shiny, sexy finish that will instantly glam up any night on the town.

Photograph: Darla Khazei,***

Victoria Beckham Slicks it Back

Victoria Beckham Haircuts
The ever so posh Posh Spice is seen here doing the celebrity thing in London this week as she heads out for dinner with new gal pal Kate Beckinsale. And as usual, Victoria Beckham is living up to her stylista reputation, in a to dye for hot pink mini dress that leaves little to the imagination. And Victoria Beckham is also proving here that one does not need to worry when one has short locks, as these can be just as versatile as long locks, and you can play with them however you like depending on your mood of the day. Here Victoria has decided to go chic and sleek in a hairstyle that matches her silhouette and elegant ensemble. Victoria’s punky spiked hair has grown out just a little and just enough to create a sleek look that you can wear by day and even into the evening.

If you have short locks, this will require very little effort. On towel dried hair, run some waxing pomade through your hair to give it some texture. Use a fine toothed comb to create a razor sharp part on your side, and comb your hair down on either side of the part. Let your hair air dry like this, and this will seal your part for the day. If your hair has a little bit of flyaway once it dries, use a flat iron to smooth the sections down, and spritz with some extra hold gel, combing with the fine toothed comb to smooth your ends over. Once your hair has dried, use some glossing serum to add an extra finish and an all day shine. Short hair is so easy to style and work with, the key to mastering this look is to exude the Posh confidence that goes with it!


Paris Hilton Jumps Back in the Saddle

Paris Hilton Haircuts
Ah yes, for some people it just doesn’t take all that long to bounce back from stalker like ex-girlfriend to new girlfriend in a jiffy. Paris Hilton is not one girl that is free from reputation smears, but her most recent post-breakup actions from Benji Madden didn’t exactly make her look like an heiress in the making, did it? Here she is though showing Benji, and anyone else that cares, that she has moved on and is happy again. Yes, the world can breath a collective sigh of relief knowing that Paris is back in the saddle, and this time she is hooking up with the cutie pie Doug Reinhardt as they vacation together in Hawaii. Paris looks pretty as usual in a gorgeous strapless maxi-dress and has pinned her hair back in an elegant coif that is both casual and sexy at the same time.

This look is very easy to accomplish, and Paris is proving that you don’t need long luscious locks for a gorgeous quickie updo. Start off with your bangs and here you will create the infamous Hollywood bump. Lift your bangs with one comb, and then with another backcomb them just a little bit so that you can get that nice little lift. Take t his section and twist it just a bit and pin at the top of your crown for an elegant lift to your bangs in the front. The rest of the hair you can simply comb back with a fine tooth comb for a sleek and elegant back ponytail or updo. [Read more...]

Kelly Osbourne Rocks the Crop

Kelly Osbourne Hairstyles

Kelly Osbourne Hairstyles

Kelly Osbourne has been a little bit under the radar lately, and by the looks of it, she has been spending this below the surface time to clean up her look. She has always to me been such a mystical goth creature, hasn’t she? And her excessive use of red lipstick has always annoyed me. But it looks like Kelly has taken a few tips from a personal stylist and she is looking….dare I say chic?

She has chopped off her medium length brunette locks to go for a contemporary twist on the school boy cut, much like Posh Spice and Katie Holmes. And yes, she is even looking more svelte these days as well with a killer figure that is complemented well in her gorgeous Roland Mouret dress. The Schoolboy cut is all the rage in Hollywood right now, and the neat thing about this cut is that it is different for everyone. Posh, Katie Holmes, Pink, Agyness Deyn, Rihanna, are all sporting popular versions of the cut that Twiggy and Goldie Hawn made famous back in the day.

The key to this look, and why it works so well on so many different celebs, is that you need to have the right kind of stylist to produce the necessary texture and movement that will complement your face shape. The Schoolboy crop CAN work on any face, it is how you play with your features and your hair that will make the difference. If you are working with a rounder face, you want your stylist to cut longer wisps in the front, and these longer wisps can be swept aside for a night out with a smidge of pomade.

For the more narrow face, have the sides of your crop cut close to the head, as long layers and texture here will only elongate your face even further. But if you are aching for shorter and more chic locks like all of Tinseltown seems to be sporting these days, don’t let your face shape mislead you. Anyone can rock the slick chop, it’s all in how your stylist works with your face shape and your hair that will make all of the difference.

Photo: Hellmuth Dominguez,

Mary J. Blige: Helmet or Hair

Mary J Blige Hairstyles

Mary J Blige Hairstyles

Mary J. Blige has been noted as one of the ultimate in R&B stars, but even with that title in hand, she is far from diva status with this hair do. The bleach blond color does nothing for Blige’s natural beauty and we can only hope this is a wig that she will be able to throw away once she leaves the party.