Embody the Grace and Elegance That Is Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway Hair Styles

Here is a woman whose beauty is just so ethereal and natural, you can’t help but love her. And anyone that knows anything about Anne Hathaway knows that she has the personality and the charm to pair with her gracious elegance. After her fiancé was carted two years ago by the FBI on numerous embezzlement charges, the Anne we saw smiled her way through it. And here she is looking stunning as ever and giving us even more reasons to love her as she arrives for a screening of her new film “Love and Other Drugs” at the Director’s Guild Theater in New York City this week. And it seems that no matter what she is wearing, contemporary or classic, this is a girl that looks stunning with an Old Hollywood glamour beauty that is a fail safe with her. Simply gorgeous.

This hairstyle is not as quick as some others, but you can get this voluminous hair very easily, though give yourself some extra time here. To get this look, use texturizing shampoo and conditioner, followed with volumizing mousse but on your ends only. Then you will want to blow dry with a round bristle brush. Blow dry your hair about 95%, and when it is still slightly damp, you can set the ends of your hair in large sized Velcro rollers to create this wonderful volume that Anne has here, without the look of curls. Let your rollers set for about 30 minutes, and then blast some heat on them to finish the drying and lock in that volume. When your hair has cooled from this blast, take the rollers out and brush out your hair with your soft bristle brush. The end result? A lovely voluptuous mane with just enough wave and volume to look sexy, but not too much that you are over the top.

Photograph: © Darla Khazei, PacificCoastNews.com

That New Redhead In Tinseltown is Amanda Seyfried

Amanda Seyfried New Hairstyles

That’s right, forget the gorgeous butterscotch locks you envied the whole time you were watching “Letters From Juliet” as Amanda Seyfried has arrived on a new set and is sporting an all new look. Proving that her beauty really can carry any hair color or length, Amanda is seen on the set of her new movie she is filming with Justin Timberlake “Now” sporting a short red hot pixie bob. And we likey. Here is a look that is as bold as it is simple, and if you have been looking for a change, you may want to make one or both of the changes that Amanda has here, short and red. A little hint would be to do what Amanda has here, as this hairstyle is in wig form only, and once she takes that red bob off, she is back to her honey colored locks. If you love this look as much as we do, we recommend trying on a few wigs as well, as this will be the best way to see how this look works with your features. Once you have determined this is the look for you too, go ahead and have a little sit down with your stylist.

You can get this look first by getting the right cut, so ask your stylist for longer length in the back and at your sides, but get some volume pumped into the top with shaggy layers cut into your crown. This way you can choose to wear your hair sleek, or use the layers to pump up some volume for a night out. To style then, you can use some styling wax on towel dried hair, and blow dry your hair with a round bristle brush. This look is sleek, so you aren’t going to worry too much about volume here, as your layers will do that work for you. When your hair is dried, spritz some antihumectant spray on your locks, and then run the flat iron over your entire head, bending the ends only slightly for some face framing style. By using the flat iron, you will lock in the antihumectant so your hair stays straight and sleek all day long, and it also adds some extra shine to that gorgeous style. For some extra shine for a night out, you can spritz on some glossing serum for a shiny, sexy finish that will instantly glam up any night on the town.

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Photograph: Hector Vallenilla, PacificCoastNews.com

Sandra Bullock Still Holding That Gorgeous Head High

Sandra Bullock 2011 Hairstyles

You would never guess by looking at this woman that she has just had her life decimated and her heart trampled on by one of America’s skeeziest men. And though she may not be the smiliest girl in the world these days, she certainly doesn’t show the pain she must be feeling inside. Still proving why she’s an Oscar winner, Sandra is spotted here running errands on a cold New York morning with some snug boots and a chic thick jacket and looking fabulous as ever. There are a lot of things that we covet about our Sandra, but it is without question her hair that is one of her most enviable features. It just always looks so great, how does she do it?

To get the look that Sandra has here, you want to start off with the same layered cut that she has here, asking for long concave layers that will frame your face and give you plenty of volume. Use some straightening serum on towel dried hair, and create a deep side part like Sandra has here. Then, blow dry your hair with a flat paddle brush pulling your hair straight as you dry. Use a flat iron to sleek your hair out as much as you can. When you are flat ironing, you want to pin the top sections of your hair up first, and flat iron the bottom sections for maximum fullness and all over straightness. After you have flat ironed your entire head, spritz your hair with some anti-humectant. Immediately following this, you will want to flat iron your hair again, and this will lock in the humectant, and give your hair some beautiful shine. It will also seal the cuticle and ensure that your hair stays straight and glam all night long.

Photograph:Greg Tidwell, PacificCoastNews.com

Taylor Swift The Girl With the Curls

Taylor Swift Hairstyle 2011

There is just something oh so refreshing about this girl, no? She has got that all American beauty thing just wrapped right up, and even if you hate the music, you can’t help but love the girl. As if you could hate anything by Miss Swift anyway. What is it about her? She’s that down home goodness that makes this country what it is, is what it is. And she’s gorgeous to boot. This is a look that just about any girl would die for as well, as beautiful curls like this are not easy to come by. Here she has chosen a style that is right in line with her personality and has gone All American girl in a red and white ensemble and hairstyle that pumps up the volume and gives her a seriously soft but romantic edge.

This look is sexy, vampy, and will get you everything you want on any given night on the town. The secrets here are tons of product, tons of curls, and tons of teasing. Start off with curl enhancing shampoo and conditioner, and use a lightweight curling mousse to lock in some extra curl. Run some styling pomade on your palms, and then run them through your hair from front to back. You will then set your hair in pin curls all over your head. Use a blowdryer on low with a diffuser to dry your locks to 100% dry. This may take some time, but the end result will be well worth it. When your curls are dry, spritz some extra hold hairspray on your curls before you take out the pins. The result will be a voluminous head of wavy bouncy curls. You can brush these out to smooth them out, or tease them whichever way you want for a hairstyle that is voluminous, sexy, and vampy for any night on the town. The key to achieving these spirals is to finger play with them until you are happy with them. Taylor likes hers smooth and soft, but you can be as big and bold as you like. Once you get the curls, embrace them, don’t fight ‘em!


Has Stephanie Pratt Had Some Work Done?

Stephanie Pratt Plastic Surgery

It really is no secret in Hollywood that plastic surgeons are among the highest paid, right after A list actors and actresses, and having a little work done is about as common place as ordering a non fat latte and egg white omelette. But some stars, like those from the hit MTV show The Hills, seem to take this to an all new level. It seems like every time we see one of them, after some time, they look a little different. What do you think? Has Stephanie Pratt, sister to the most hated husband in Malibu, had some work done? She looks…just a little different. Regardless of any nip and tucking she may have enjoyed though, it seems that her hair is still just as pretty as ever. Stephanie appeared at the Verizon HTC Incredible Launch at the Voyeur in West Hollywood last week rocking this gorgeous hairstyle that just seems to be everywhere these days. And if you haven’t guessed what the deal is with this hair style, then you may want to put some contemporary back into your locks as this long and loose look is today’s most gorgeous trend. It’s everywhere right now.

To get this look, start off by scrunching some pomade or volumizing mousse into your hair. Blow dry with a round bristle brush, or you can wind sections around your hair if you prefer. This winding effect will make your waves a little more swingy than usual. You can use a curling iron to set stronger waves once you have done this, but instead of clamping the iron onto your hair, wind the hair section around the barrel of the curling iron. This way the ends won’t curl as tight, and they will stick out just enough to give you this pretty tousled look. After you have finished curling, shake your hair out and finger comb it as you go through the day, and you will have long luscious waves lasting all day, and into the night.

Photograph:©Josephine Santos, PacificCoastNews.com