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Better than Botox
Bogus Better than Botox Scam
Celebrities like Priscilla Presley have put cosmetic surgery treatments like Botox on the chopping block lately. This has raised the questions as to...
Stop Facial Puffiness
The Secret to Stopping Facial Puffiness
There is nothing worse than waking up and having a puffy, swollen face to contend with. While ice packs and cool clothes may ease the puffiness for a...
Choosing a Foundation
Choosing a Foundation
Foundation....we have all seen the horrid red, orange or brown foundation line down the side of the face, disappearing under the chin. At times, the...
Enhance Hair Color Naturally
Enhancing Hair Color Naturally
Enhancing hair color is a multi-million dollar market. The shelves are full of dyes and shine producers that promise to leave hair looking bright and...
Sunless Tanning Your Face
Tips for Sunless Tanning Your Face
Sunless tanning products are wonders for the body. No longer is hours in the sun, drying the skin and causing faster aging required to keep a bronze...
Dry Hair Care Tips
Dry Hair Care Tips - Winter Hair Care Tips
A lack of oil in the hair will always result in dry hair. This lack of oil is commonly caused by heated styling. When trying to eliminate dry hair,...
Celebrity Lip Color Secrets
Celebrity Beauty Secrets - Never Ending Lip Color
Lipstick is one of the most intimate and difficult pieces of a makeup collection. The hours spent choosing just the right shade sure to match the...
Herbal Facial Sauna
Herbal Facial Saunas to Clean Pores
Our faces are made up of hundreds of pores that open with every shower or bath we take. These pores allow dirt and debris to enter the facial skin,...
fation lotions
Moisturizing and Protecting Facial Skin
Moisturizing the facial skin is one of the most important parts of a daily facial skin regime. Not all facial moisturizers are created equally. Many...
Restore Creme Shown to Reverse the Aging Process
Restore Creme Shown to Reverse the Aging Process
With the introduction of Cell Essentialsí OPC Factor, an antioxidant rich, isotonic, nutritional supplement that is delivered to the body through the...
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