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Choosing the Right Concealer
How to Choose the Right Concealer
There are many factors in a woman’s makeup routine that can be played around with, but the one constant should be a woman’s concealer. The concealer...
bikini beach
Who is Most Effected By The Sun's Rays?
With the summer months still here, it is important to note the need for sunscreen in every day activities. Sunscreen helps prevent the skin from...
Fat Belly Diet
The Fat Belly Diet - What is It?
The Fat Belly Diet is just one of the latest diet crazes to swarm the American public. The basic premise of the diet is that you eat 400 calories...
Pretty Teen Makeup
Back to School Makeup Essentials
Heading back to school is always an exhilarating and terrifying time. Planning what you are going to wear, how to fix your hair, and choosing the...
Free Makeup Tips
Makeup Tips to Improve Your Look
Makeup is a girls best friend. We all know this is true at some point or another for generally every female. Even though many women wear no makeup...
Fad Diets that Work
Top 2 Fad Diets That Really Work
In our world of fad diets, there have been a few that have stood the test of time. Two of these diets are the Atkins Diet and the South Beach Diet....
Confident Beautiful Woman
Confidence is Key to Beauty
Beauty is a tricky person for an individual to find. Oftentimes, people see other people and think, that is a beautiful person. When they see...
Orchidee Imperial Lotion
Orchidee Imperiale: Youth in a Bottle or Expensive Facial Lotion?
Neiman Marcus offers a little, and I mean little, bottle of cream created from the beauty of an Orchid. Known for its natural beauty, the Orchid is...
Shaping Eyebrow
Shaping the Eyebrow with Ease
When it comes to precision and beauty, only eyebrows can come to mind. As one of the most private, public places on a woman's face, the care it takes...
Permanent Makeup
Pros and Cons of Permanent Makeup
We have all seen those women with the perfect eyebrows. Every time we see them their eyebrows are perfectly placed with that gentle arch we normally...
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