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how to shape eyebrow
How to Get This Springís Shaped Eyebrows
Ah yes, the elusive eyebrow. This is one part of the beauty routine that is the most forgotten, and easily forgotten as well what with skin care,...
Winter Haircare Tips
Winter Haircare Tips to Keep Your Locks Luscious All Season
We tend to think that the hot humid and hazy days of summer are the most important days of the year to maintain our hair care routine. Unfortunately...
Diet Tips
Diet Tips to Get You Through The Holiday Stomach Crunch
One of the reasons we so look forward to the holidays is for the food. Thatís right, letís be honest. When it comes to the holidays, they just...
2009 Beauty Tips
5 Things You Need to Know About Beauty for 2009
The 2009 fashion season is upon us and the time has come to pass the torch of 2008 onto the next beauty leaders. We have seen makeup trends come and...
Holiday Makeup Tips
How to Take Your Makeup From Day to Night Over the Holidays
When it comes to the holidays, life can get pretty hectic. Between work or school, family, significant others and THEIR families, functions,...
Diet and Beauty Tips for College
Staying Slim at College
The freshman fifteen is a running joke amongst college students. The joke is that everyone gains fifteen pounds their freshman year at college...
Jennifer Garner Hairstyle
How to Get Luminous Skin Like Jennifer Garner
Jennifer Garner may be a thirty-something working married mom of almost two, but you would never guess by looking at her. Here is a girl that always...
Beauty Tips for Working Women
Beauty Tips for the Working Woman
Working women in todayís society are forced to juggle family and business in the same minute of life. Getting up early in the morning, tending to...
woman dieting
New Diet Here / New Diet There....Who Can You Trust?
Every day there is a new diet hitting the popularity trends and you are forced to decide if you are going to hop on the bus and try this one as well....
Rachel McAdams Hairstyle
Changing Your Foundation in the Winter Months
The summer months are gone and with them the chance to keep your skin a golden color is all but lost. Unless you plan on attending the tanning bed,...
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