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Summer Beauty Tips
Top 5 Beauty Myths Debunked for Summer
Spring and Summer beauty regimes can be a little trickier when it comes to rising temperatures, increased humidity, and increased sun exposure, so...
72pc Makeup Compact Set
Product of the Month - 72pc Makeup Compact Set
School season is fast approaching and now would be the perfect time to get a new makeup set to start the year off right! Check out this great deal...
Summer Beauty Tips
Top 2 Beauty Tips for Your Face This Summer
Beauty tips seem to be one of those unlimited resources that you can never get enough of. Who doesn’t want to know the latest celebrity beauty...
2009 Makeup Tips
4 Steps to Creating a No Makeup Look
If you take a look at today’s runways, then you will see how the natural look is very big right now. And as we move into warmer temperatures and...
Risks of Breast Augmentation Surgery
Risks of Breast Augmentation Surgery You Should Know
Risks of Breast Augmentation Surgery 1. As with any surgery, you are taking a risk being under anesthesia. Some people can have unexpected...
Health Tips for women
6 Health Tips No Woman Can Live Without
The weather is breaking and summer has begun. Why not give yourself a little attention. No, this is not about a new hairstyle or wardrobe, even...
Wrinkle Free Skini
9 Steps to a Thinner, Younger Looking Face!
We’ve all heard about the talent of the big makeup artists that can transform any face into a thing of beauty, and something entirely than what they...
Smokey Eyes Tips
Video: How to Create a Smokey Eye Look
Watch the VIDEO BELOW for a step by step process to create that sexy and sultry Smokey Eye Look with ease! Sign up for our
Teen Makeup Tips
Video: Prom Makeup Tips for Teens
Now you got your hairstyle, You got your Dress, Now its time to figure out how your going to do your makeup! Watch the VIDEO BELOW for some great...
Exercising Makeup Tips
Makeup Tips for When You Are Working Out
It’s that time of year again, when the temperatures start to climb, and the gym equipment gets thrown into overdrive as fitness centers become...
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