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Dream Dazzlers So Chic Salon
Dream Dazzlers So Chic Salon - Kids Beauty Hair Salon
We loved the Dream Dazzlers So Chic Salon as soon as we saw it. Great gift idea for your daughter, neice, or little sister who is such a cute little...
Fake Eyelash Trends
Whatís the Official Word on the Eyelash Trend?
Extending eyelashes as a beauty routine is not exactly a concept pioneered by the Kardashian girls. No, women since the beginning of time have been...
Summer Skin Care Tips
2 Steps to An Instant Shimmery Glow This Summer
Oh yes, we are always trying to find ways to get a little more color, and this is the time of year when we start to think about it. The bare skinned...
2010 Beauty Tips
2 Easy Steps to Master This Seasonís Cool Blues
We saw through this yearís award season that the makeup artists have been playing around with the eye liner colors lately. As we saw on the looks of...
Summer Makeup Tips Video
2010 Summer Makeup Tips Video
Video below with Summer Makeup and beauty tips from the experts at Sephora. Check it out! Sign up for our
Beauty Tips 2010
3 Steps To This Seasonís Hottest Beauty Trend Ė Retro Eyes
It seems you canít go anywhere these days without running into one retro trend or another, and some will stay and go and come back again, while...
Summer Glow
Top 3 Tricks to Maintain Your Summer Glow in Cold Winter Months
Juice Plus Salad Pill
The New Salad Pill - Is it right for you?
When looking into taking a new dietary supplement, it is very important to not only read the ingredients and testimonials, but also to know some...
Eye Liner Tips
3 Simple Steps To This Holiday Season
If you have been noticing that some of your favourite starlets like Angelina Jolie and Kim Kardashian have had some sharper features this year, itís...
Winter Beauty Tips
Fake Fab Bone Structure In Two Easy Steps
This is a look that every woman covets. If you can not be blessed with flawless bone structure, perhaps you could learn a few makeup tricks that will...
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