The Secret to Leighton Meester’s Headband Craze

Leighton Meester Hairstyle
Leighton Meester is one girl we love to hate, particularly when she is playing bad girl Queen Bee on our favourite prime time drama Gossip Girl. And another thing we love about this girl is consistency, isn’t it? No matter how good she pretends to be, we are never surprised by the fact that yes, she will always charm us with her evil doings and schemes. Perhaps what makes her so charming in this is her intentions behind most of her evil doings, as they always seem wrapped around the theme that she is doing it for her friends. Ah well, maybe we will see some changes in Blair Waldorf this season, and perhaps we won’t. The other thing that Blair seems to have when it comes to consistency is her never changing hairstyle.

If you want to add some instant glam to your hair, you can do so by taking a cue from Blair Waldorf and adopt this trend into your lifestyle with a cinch. This trend was so hot this year, that Leighton herself was rumoured to have gone through 48 headbands in last years 13 episode season. You too can get this look rather easily. To avoid the flat front that is common with a headband, first brush your hair back and tease with a comb. You will be able to keep the band in place by then spritzing hair with a texturizer and blasting the front section with a hair dryer before placing the headband on.

Place the headband onto your head instead of pulling it back, and you will be left with this style where some pieces are left in the front, while the band neatly and elegantly holds your hair back. The key to this look is remembering that the headband is meant to appear as a hair accessory, not as an actual head band that pulls your hair back giving you a facelift. Think of it as hair bling, made to look pretty on your head, and not so much for actually pulling your hair back. This mindset will help you in placement, and you can pull off this sexy but pretty look that Leighton seems to have mastered on Gossip Girl.

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Jennifer Aniston and the Hair. Always Awesome.

jennifer aniston hair styles
We could talk ad nauseum at how great this girl’s hair is, was, and always will be. Yes, she is blessed with many many things in life, and excellent hair is no exception. In fact, her hair is so beautiful that many American women would say that if they could only have ONE of Jennifer’s qualities, it would be the hair. But it may comfort you to know that Jennifer Aniston does get a lot of hairapy that ensures her signature great hair stays as great as we know it to be. Here she is seen on the set of her latest movie The Baster, where she plays a hip mom to be that turns to a turkey baster in order to become pregnant.

And to achieve this sexy hip mom look, she has gone with a streakier look when it comes to the golden highlights that dance across her honey colored locks. To get this kind of color, you want to ask your stylist for large chunky highlights that are brighter than your undertone. Use a medium shade such as a very light brown as your foundation tone, and highlight this was large golden streaks for this multi toned look.

To get the sleek and straight look that Jennifer has here, you want to start off with the same layered cut that she has. Use some straightening serum on towel dried hair, and blow dry your hair with a flat paddle brush pulling your hair straight as you dry. Use a flat iron to sleek your hair out as much as you can. When you are flat ironing, you want to pin the top sections of your hair up first, and flat iron the bottom sections for maximum fullness and all over straightness.

After you have flat ironed your entire head, spritz your hair with some anti-humectant. Immediately following this, you will want to flat iron your hair again, and this will lock in the humectant, and give your hair some beautiful shine. It will also seal the cuticle and ensure that your hair stays straight and sleek no matter where you go. If you want to add a bit of volume into your mane, you can tease some sections at the crown and the back section of your crown for a voluminous look that will last all day and all night.

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Elle MacPherson Glams Up the Workout

Elle MacPherson
If this weren’t Elle MacPherson working desperately to hide the cameras, you may almost want to think that this was yet another reason to hate supermodels. But….don’t hate them because they are beautiful. That’s their JOB. And here is Elle MacPherson off the clock but doing just that, looking gorgeous while she gets ready to head out for a workout. No, it’s true, she may not have the best hair, but one does not wash and coif before the workout, particularly when you are a busy mom like Elle.

She is seen here dressed and ready to hit the gym after dropping her children off at school. So take heart in this knowledge that her beauty isn’t so effortless after all. But it’s good to know that at least her hair is, as this workout look is a great look to come by when you don’t want to worry too much about it pre-workout. But as you can see, Elle didn’t seem to think so as she was hiding her head and trying to duck out the door without a camera on her. Unfortunately, the paps were quicker than she was and she got spotted nonetheless. But this is one supermodel who takes her job with a smile which is one of the many reasons she is has a fan base even bigger than her media throng. And you would never guess that this girl gave birth not that long go, as she is hardly the frumpy mom that many women, even in her industry, have become. No, still, she is all style and glamour, even if she is a little more conservative than days gone by, she still looks fabulous and has an enviable figure to boot.

This is an easy look to accomplish, even on second day hair and is perfect for moms with a full plate. Before you go to bed at night, wrap your damp hair into a bun and sleep on your coil overnight. You only want your bun to be slightly damp, and about 90% dry. This will allow your hair to bend overnight and dry with the waves you are creating with the bun. In the morning, take your bun out and finger comb your waves out.

If you want to tie at least a little hair back, use a pretty hair accessory to pull your mane back just a little bit and allow the rest of your luscious locks to stay loose and sexy and carefree just like Elle.

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Anna Lynn McCord Curls with the Girls

Anna Lynn McCord Hairstyles
Beverly Hills 90210 actress Anna Lynn McCord is seen here after a night out at Beso in West Hollywood this past weekend. This sexy siren decided to take a night off from the men in her life and enjoy it with her best girlfriends in the hottest spots in Hollywood. First the girls dined at the oh so trendy Beso, after which they burned off their extravagant meal at the hot night spot Kiss where dancing was at a maximum. And Anna Lynn is one of those girls that doesn’t cringe too much over her naturally curly hair, but rather maximizes its potential with looks that are always sexy and glamorous at the same time.

And her night out with the girls was no exception, and it seems even that Anna has made some tweaks to her look to maximize the curls even more. Her locks seem a little bit lighter as we move closer to summer’s golden rays, and she has even taken a few inches off so that her medium length hair now barely grazes her shoulders. If you too have naturally curly hair, follow Anna’s lead and don’t fight it, but embrace it.

To get this look you want to start off with curl enhancing shampoo and conditioner. On towel-dried hair, use a dollop of curl enhancing mousse and scrunch it in your hair from roots to tips. Scrunch your curls as you work the product in, and this will ensure your curls maintain the springy look that Anna has here. Let your hair air dry for this one, and your curls will hold very nicely all day.

If you want to add some glam to your look, you can tease the top section of your hair near your bangs, and pin it back for a sexy look that will add some height and volume at the front. Finish the look with a light misting of extra hold hairspray, and the end result will be a sexy curly look that will last all day, AND all night.

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Agyness Deyn Gets a Little Funky Y’ALL

Agyness Deyn Hairstyles
Supermodel extraordinaire is seen here rocking a wild hairdo as she leaves the SoHo house with her besty designer Henry Holland. The two looked like they were having a time as wild as Agyness’s hair as they headed back to her hotel for some evening nightcaps. And Agyness is just one example of just how versatile short hair can really be. She uses product to the max and even with super cropped locks you just never see this girl with the same hair twice, do you?

For this look you want to start off with a cropped and shaggy do with multiple convex layers chopped all throughout your hair. You will wash and condition your hair with volumizing shampoo and conditioner, and run a smidge of volumizing mousse through your towel dried hair. You don’t need to fuss too much with blowdrying here, as you can see this style has a life of its own. So if you have the time to air dry, save your locks a bit and do so, or blow dry your hair upside down if you are in a time crunch.

Once your hair is 95% dry, set it in medium sized hot rollers to give your hair that extra wave and volume. After you place the rollers, blast the blowdryer on them to finish drying that last 5%. You can then let the rollers set in place for about 30 minutes. As you take each roller out, mist the curl with hairspray and separate the strands to maximize even more blown out volume. As you take the sections from the crown out, you want to back comb these sections in the style that you are most comfortable with. Remember, this is a style that is all about personal expression. There are no rules of thumb to place this section here, and that section there. The key to this look is looking casual but styled so that you show the world you aren’t cut from the same cloth as everyone else. This one takes a little confidence, so if you are on the shyer side, try this look out on a vegging weekend at home before you show it off to the world.

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