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Holly Madison Hairstyles
Image Source: Image Source: Greg Tidwell, PacificCoastNews.com

This is a somewhat complicated endeavour, but as you can see, the final effect is well worth the time you put in. You want to wash and condition your hair with volumizing shampoo for starters, and as a an added trick, rinse your hair with cold water. Yes it will sting, but the cool water will build extra volume by sealing in the cuticle and locking in some extra shine. Add some amplifying mousse to towel dried hair and divide your hair into three sections sides, back, and nape. Starting at the back, blow dry using a round brush, and when hair is completely dry, wrap large sections around your hair and blow hot air on it for about 10 seconds. Blast it with the cool setting for just as long to seal in that extra wave. As a final touch, you can use a wide barrel curling iron for additional wave and volume.

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