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Blake Lively Wavy Hairstlye
Image Source: Edward Opinaldo, PacificCoastNews.com

To achieve this look, you are going to focus on the curl, and you want to incorporate a little messy unruly factor in this so donít fuss too much about perfection. Start by washing your hair with texturizing shampoo and conditioner to inititally train it for some bend and movement. You will then spritz on some curl activating spray on your damp hair and create your part while it is wet. The key now is to let your hair air dry, so if you have longer locks, some time will be required. Blow drying to quicken things up is going to hamper your final curl, so stay away from this extra heat. One or two curling irons then is all you need, but it is your method of curling that will do the trick. You want to use alternating sizes of curling irons so that you donít end up with uniform curls and you end up with this messy curly look. You will curl from the base of your hair and twist up, stopping just three inches from the roots of your hair. Use one size for one curl, then the next, and keep alternating. When you are finished curling your entire head, touch thee not your curls, and flip your head over and shake out your curls. This will give some separation and that quick messy look that is sexy, and elegant at the same time.

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