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Lindsey Lohan Curly Hairstyle
Image Source: PacificCoastNews.com

Start off in the evening washing your hair with texturizing shampoo that will give your hair some bend and texture, and towel dry your hair for about ten minutes. Apply some thickening spray to your hair and finger comb the product through, but do not use a comb or brush. Use medium sized foam rollers to set your hair in sections, and form each section into a twist before you set it around the roller. In the morning, if your hair is still damp, blow dry it with the rollers still in to set your curls even tighter. Do not remove the rollers until your hair is completely dry and as you take the rollers out, separate the curls to enhance your overall volume. You can then use a mini curling iron to fix up any tweaks. Part your hair on the side aligned with the middle of one brow as you neaten up your look, but donít brush or comb your curls out, use your hands to style. Finish the look with some extra hold hairspray.

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