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Ashley Tisdale Hairstyle
Image Source: Matt Symons/Louise Barnsley

Start off with clean hair and blow dry from root to tip, but leave your bangs damp. You will then comb some gel through your long, damp bangs. Create a side part on one side of your bangs with a fine tooth comb, and dry your bangs backwards using a round brush. Create another side part on the other side of your bangs, and then flip the entire section backwards. You can tease the roots of your bangs so that you achieve a little bit of lift in the front, and then pin the section down with two bobby pins in a horizontal pattern. Attempt to criss cross the pins across each other for maximum hold. A little bit of extra hold hairspray is all you need to finish. Run a flat iron over the rest of your locks and sleek it out with some varnish or glossy spray to finish. This look can be achieved whether you have bangs or not, if you have long hair in the front you would like to pull back, the end look is the same and is oh so polished and pretty! The beauty about this look as well is that you can dress it up or down, throw on some jeans and a tee and you are beautifully styled for hanging out, or a day at the mall as well.

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