How to Work With the Best Short Styles
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Work with Short Hairstyles

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There are so many great short hairstyles out there, especially when you get into the summer months, but many people do not know how to properly manage their short hairstyles, so they end up looking flat and dull most of the time. In order to get your hair looking beautiful, you will want to make sure to work with the color, texture, and style of your hair to get the best look.

Short haircuts are a great way to start a great style. Using a short style as your base will up the styles that you can create to a lot of different possibilities—from simple and sophisticated to dark and dramatic, depending on the elements that you add to your cut.

If you want a no-mess, no-fuss style to work with, you will want to go with a simple short cut that is layered with volume and light at the ends. This will allow you to have a style that you don’t even need to you’re a blow dryer with in the mornings. A short style will also allow you to free up some of your time spent in front of the mirror in the mornings.

Color is the most important element to add to short hair that you don’t want to spend a lot of time fixing. Coloring with highlights in the summer and lowlights in the winter will give you’re hair a dramatic look that will let you stand out from the crowd. But if you are going to be around a loot of chorine, sun, or saltpeter, this will affect the way the color stays or changes on your hair. To avoid any color deterioration, it is best to have occasion appointments with your hair stylist to keep the color looking great.

Remember that highlights can be a fun thing to play with, so if you are afraid to completely color your short style, you can get highlights to accentuate the best parts of the cut instead of coloring it all over.

Accessories are another great way to turn your boring short cut into a marvelous style. While barrettes and headbands may need to be left to little girls, you can still find ways to get charming accessories to look sophisticated instead of childish. It is best to find something that will match the outfit that you are wearing, such as a silver clip for your silver dress, or maybe even a butterfly shaped clip for your dress that has a lot of exotic orange and black patterns on it. Just remember to be creative.

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my hair short and hot and i love it
i love it! i just cut my hair and its hard to deal with but i am goto loovveee it!
plain but very nice, easy to take care of.. love it
Really striking and crisp....nice change from the typical long styles we see so often.
my hair iz short n im startin to luv it.
i wear & style my hair the same way. i love it!
i think it looks awesome...yall need to cool it.
just plain weird
too normal
Ace cut!
I love this cut

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