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red highlights - chunky

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The hip, the stylish, the fashionable have all over done the highlighting craze. Hair from the streets of LA to Central park is highlighted. These small strips of lightened hair have taken the world by storm, lasted longer than most hair fashions and finally burned a hole in the art of hair. Today, stylists are taking things from less to more and the results are funky, cool and inspiring.

In order to pull off that chunky, thick streak look, the hair stylist needs to be young and in touch with the hippest of styles. The cut needs to be perfect and the color a complimentary tone that works with both the skin tone and the eye color. This is not to say you can not go bold, just go bold with a color that suites you.

Chunking of the hair has been around for a while, but mainstream popularity never really took hold. That is until now. The youthful look provided by these once “tacky” hair color choices are what bring life back into the fashion hair style world and stylists are not looking back.

When done correctly by an artful young hand, these huge, funky chunks of color can be the edgy look you desire and the classy style you need. The best of both world in one hair fashion, how great is that. The key with funky chunky hair is to look beyond the traditional blond and think color. Reds, blacks, white, blues, colors that are more non traditional can mean a world of difference when funky is the aim for your new style.

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u should be any age
UUUMM well yeh i dnt think u have 2 b young to work this look because one of the girls i work with has a chunk of colour and she looks the best over all the youngens. im 16 and some of the girls and guys at skool look really trashy.and ud think that beiing older ud have more experience. so yeh sure it looks great and iv got it myself but seriously u dnt have 2 b young. xx
I have this same exact hairstyle! I want those highlights they are so cute :)
"The stylist has to be young?", you say...YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME? I am 37. What do you think is young? What an insult to our profession. Many stylists that are "old" are some of the best stylists around. I have seen people young and out of beauty school that either do great or suck.

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