Tips for a Great Homecoming Hairstyle
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Homecoming Hairstyles

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You got the date, the dress, the shoesónow what are you going to do with that hair? Itís often a last minute decision for girls getting ready for their homecoming festivities, but it doesnít have to look like it was left to the last minute. If you have the tools at home and the right accessories to glam it up, you can have a great hairstyle for homecoming.

The up-do is probably the most common. You will find that 90% of girls will shows up with their hair pulled back into a French twist or messy bun, with those few little wisps of hair framing their faces. But what if you want something new? Or what if you have short hair? Not all up-dos will work for every person.

If you want to get simple and wear your hair straight, you will need to add something to glam it up. This can be a barrette, sparkly (yet tasteful) headband, or flat ironed hair that will look very sophisticated. You can get this look with a ceramic flat iron and some drops of glossing.

With short hair, itís all about the accessories. Since there isnít a lot you can do with your hair to make it different, cute accessories that match your dress will go a long way. And if you are struggling to come up with a great accessory, remember that you can always pick out a killer pair of earrings to compliment your dress and hairstyle. Itís a simple move, but most girls will overlook that addition of the perfect earrings.

And while you want to look your best for homecoming, there are some things that you should never do too close to the event. First, make sure that you get a haircut at least a couple of weeks before the dance. Thereís nothing worse than walking in with a new haircut that didnít turn out so well. You wonít be able to fix it or let is grow out in time, so youíll probably wish you had worn a hat instead.

Color is important too, but remember to get it done a few weeks before homecoming so that if you donít like it, you can get it colored out without damaging your hair. Highlights and lowlights should be treated the same way. You want to feel confident and beautiful at homecoming, not like everyone is staring at your bad dye job. So make sure that you take care of the hair early.

Homecoming Hairstyles Examples, Print It and take it to your stylist!


am browsing! how can this be called a "style". It looks ok yeah but surely just been straightened and pulled back? Same look as when in a rush going to tesco, yes?
i love your hair......
very nice love the colour i may do mine like thisx
l like your hair
tana mone09-23-2008
2 cute=]
looks good on u but i dont thin i could pull it off
i think this hairstyle looks good on u.
I like ur hair
Thats beautiful :)
I love your hair(:!
your so pretty
stunning style, stunning colour! I want it!

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